Workin’ It 2011

2011’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Knight (right) spent a lot of time cruising modern design blogs like Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge when she and her partner, Chiqui Cartagena (left), were renovating their beach house on Amelia Island, Fla. a few years ago. The former senior executive and CEO of two textile manufacturers had sold her second business in 2008 and outlined her next career move: it had to be fun, personal, and consistent with her belief in improving the world in which we live. Knight’s accumulated knowledge informs, her new online design resource for vacation homeowners and “anyone who wants their space to feel like a retreat.” Knight’s company builds on the recent trend of American homeowners “right sizing” their living spaces in the wake of economic realities, and emphasizes global craftsmanship, environmental consciousness and design tips to help people make the most of their homes. “There’s literally never been a better time—in our economy, in our access to low cost technology, in the central role women play in business today—to go for [starting your own business],” she advises. “Be a part of reinventing our country in keeping with your vision and values.” Knight and Cartagena are based in NYC, where Cartagena works as VP of Corporate Marketing for Univision Communications, Inc.