Workin’ It 2010

45 of 2010’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Kathryn Livelli, owner of the beloved lesbian art and gifts store Womencrafts in Provincetown, Mass., left the corporate world 20 years ago as part of an overall life change. “My life partner, Deb Estevez, and I moved to Provincetown from New Jersey following a serious car accident in 1990,” Livelli says. “We made the decision to re-prioritize, arriving in Provincetown unemployed, but thrilled to be starting a new and different life together. We took ownership of Womencrafts—which has been open since 1976—in 1998.” Sadly, Estevez passed away last year, leaving Livelli as the sole proprietor. “I am so privileged to be able to carry out the mission of Womencrafts,” Livelli says. “Each year I am able to introduce dynamic new artisans from all over the country, and I continue to be challenged with all of the responsibility that comes with running a shop that holds such meaning to so many women.”

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