Workin’ It 2010

45 of 2010’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Davone Madison—or “Bosslady,” as she’s affectionately been named by her peers—is the founder and CEO of Dollhouse Enterprises, Inc., a chain of networking groups in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Toronto for professional lesbians and bisexual women. She also hosts Dollhouse Kids, a monthly mixer for gay families. This year Madison launched the Dollhouse Media Group, overseeing the Dollhouse Life Chat online radio show and other media projects, including a reality show about her busy life. Recently Madison garnered several nominations in the forthcoming Urban Nightlyfe Awards, a reflection on her innate talent for networking among and nurturing the lesbian community. “I believe the key to success is—no matter how many obstacles and walls stand in your way—keep doing what you believe in,” Madison says. “Your dedication, passion, and love for what you do will knock down all obstacles.”

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