Workin’ It 2010

45 of 2010’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Most of us have a junk-filled cabinet or closet in need of an intervention, and Jordana Jaffe is here to help. At just 24 years young, she founded her first business, Live Organized, a professional organizing company that can design a filing system for business papers or get your kids to put toys back in place. Though up and running for just a few years, Live Organized has been featured on NBC and in print media. Inspired by the positive response, and her success as a young business owner, Jaffe recently launched Embarkability—a firm offering entrepreneurial mentoring for other twenty-something women. “I realized how uncommon it is for women to start their own businesses in their 20s,” says this self-taught pioneer. “Right now, there are three mainstream post-college options: get a job, go to graduate school or take a year off. My goal is to include a fourth option: start your own business. I want to help create a shift in people’s mindsets so they no longer see this option as unconventional, but rather as a real possibility.”

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