Women at the Helm 2014

Meet the next wave of out leaders!

Founder and Head Guru, Lesbian Love Guru

As the Lesbian Love Guru, Christine Dunn helps singles find love and helps couples maintain it. “I give my clients a safe, supportive and judgment-free space to discuss their love and relationship issues,” she says. “I work with them to quickly move from despair, frustration, anger and being overwhelmed into feeling empowered with the tools they need to create the relationship they deserve.” Dunn came to this line of work after an unsatisfying decade-long career owning a property management company. Ironically, it was her own relationship troubles that made her realize relationship coaching was the right gig for her. “After struggling for years to make my first relationship work, I decided to learn everything I possibly could about relationships, human psychology—and most importantly, loving yourself. I was finishing up Tony Robbins’ Mastery University when I realized there were a lot of women just like me struggling to make their relationships work.” Her career choice has not only led to a lot of happy women; it’s also made her happier herself. “I never feel bored at work. There’s always something new, and I love that I get to help people all day. Nothing could inspire me more than doing that!”

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