Women at the Helm 2014

Meet the next wave of out leaders!

Owner, Saint Harridan

As Mary Going was preparing for her wedding, she came across a problem. “I had nothing to wear! I tried shopping for men’s suits,” she says. “Of course, nothing fit and the customer service was humiliating. In the end I had a custom suit made. It cost more than our rent, but I’ll tell you: It felt great.” That empowering, illuminating experience led her to create Saint Harridan, a clothing and accessory company for masculine women and transmen. The business is mostly online, but they also have a studio in Oakland that accepts customers (by appointment), and they’ve set up wildly successful pop-up shops all around the country. Just recently, their pop-up tour set up shop for a week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Metropolitan Avenue. Going says she enjoys getting to see the difference her clothing makes in customers’ lives. “In every city we are in, every day we are open, we have people come in and tell us they have never felt the way they feel when they are in our shop. Welcome. Expected. Handsome. Normal.”

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