Women At The Helm 2013

Today, business owners incorporate their beliefs in fairness and equality into their work. Nonprofit directors combine their passion for social justice with managerial prowess. Meet the new wave of out leaders who talk the talk and walk the walk.


Executive Director, Aqua Foundation for Women

“I worked in corporate America for over 20 years,” says Robin Schwartz. “I came to a point in my life that I wanted to do something more meaningful.” And she did. Schwartz put that business experience to work co-founding and serving as Executive Director of Aqua Foundation for Women, a nonprofit serving as the funding catalyst for lesbian, bisexual and transgender wellness and equality in South Florida through scholarships, grants and initiatives. A Miami native, Schwartz is renowned in the community for her extensive involvement, as well as her effectiveness. Since joining SAVE Dade during its fight to win the equal rights ordinance, she has served as Vice Chair of Miami Beach Gay Pride, Vice Chair of the City of Miami Beach LGBT Business Enhancement Committee and as a Young Founder of Mt. Sinai Hospital. She has volunteered for the Task Force, Pridelines and the Humane Society, helping with everything from event planning to fundraising. Her advice to other business and nonprofit leaders? Stay focused on what makes the most impact in the community. “There is always so much to do when running a nonprofit and often we are asked to do it with little staff,” she says. “I ask myself every day, “is the foundation doing the work that fills our mission?” It’s important to lead with the mindset of a business person with a big heart.”

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