Women At The Helm 2013

Today, business owners incorporate their beliefs in fairness and equality into their work. Nonprofit directors combine their passion for social justice with managerial prowess. Meet the new wave of out leaders who talk the talk and walk the walk.


Owner, Munoz Law PC/Emblem IP

Intellectual property attorney Nadia Munoz launched her private practice to prove that law doesn’t need to be stuffy, boring or cost-prohibitive. Plus, she’s better able to tackle cases aligned with her primary interests: startups, minority/ women entrepreneurs and the tech industry. Though her law career began in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, her hometown, Munoz found a home in Manhattan. And her business is taking off. The practice is founded on the belief that passion and inspiration aren’t products of a miraculous, metaphorical lighting bolt. Instead, they’re fostered by serious intellectual effort and a carefully laid out game plan. Munoz cites the strong women in her life, especially her teachers, mother, grandmother and partner Martha as continuous sources of inspiration. They instilled in her a sense of courage, drive and dedication—traits abundantly clear in her approach to helping clients protect and enact their ideas. Munoz’s undeniable knack for transforming concepts into solid action plans with measurable results has clients taking notice. “When you’re doing something because you want to—not because it’s trendy, not because you think you should—whether you succeed or fail is irrelevant,” she says. “By staying true to your values and goals, you’ll learn powerful personal lessons from every experience, and will be able to wake up in the morning motivated to keep trying.”

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