Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Value

What last quarter phase of this lunar cycle has in store for you.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women | May 15, 2017

This final week of Taurus season, we are wrapping up all of our challenges and lessons related to learning our own value. For the past 30 days, we’ve been learning about money and how all of our other issues are reflected in money. This week, we begin by learning how to be emotionally frugal. There is tremendous wealth in choosing not to buy things that we can take advantage of. Moon in Capricorn reassures us that our ability to live as we choose is in within our grasp, as long as we organize in order to achieve it.

On Wednesday, the Moon forms a kite formation with Jupiter, Mar, and Venus, all in fire and air signs. This will also be the last quarter phase of this lunar cycle. This day is especially creative, especially if you are creating new ideas in partnership with other people. The ideas you generate during this time should be something that changes the ways that you have related to the physical world in some way. This could be a change in how you see your own body or your possessions, what you call your own ideas or even the ways you can make money.

Right before the weekend, we have a potentially tense period when the Moon makes a square with Mars and Saturn before the Sun moves into the first degree of Gemini. We can expect to not agree with something out in the world. Even if the energy is positive, a fight is in the air and there can be an urge to define yourself against something pre-existing. We should take special care of the ways we define and, therefore, also distort external reality, as Saturn is retrograde.

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The beginning of the week may be difficult for you as you navigate familiar battles between yourself, society, and systemic issues. You’ll be feeling these conflicts in an emotional way until Wednesday, when inspiration can come from your community, as long as you open your ears and listen. It is important for you to let whatever happens change you because this lunar cycle is about developing the ways you respond to the financial situations that block you in life.


Wednesday is the perfect time for you to reveal something you’ve been working on or to change the way that you’ve been thinking about your career. You’re able to get the most attention and feedback, both welcome and not, about your most evident motives during this time. Just after, you want to reconsider how you’re there for your community and who is there for you. Simply allow yourself to take stock and realize how community involvement (or lack of) affects your self-esteem.


Work on the final stages of cleaning out the closet of your subconscious through issues of social responsibility. If you are avoiding the issue, you will face internal dilemmas later. You’re wrestling through issues of what it is you owe to others and what it is you owe to yourself right now. Use this week as a learning opportunity to make a plan for creating an image of how you want to represent yourself in the world, both to yourself and in relation to others.


You’ve had a lot of thoughts about your friendships this week, especially about any social groups you inhabit. This week asks you to consider the ways these relationships affect the ways you want to develop to be bigger and better than you are now. Something belonging to another person (whether it’s an idea, thing, or goal), inspires you midweek. The rest of the week is about shifting ideologically so that you can influence the places where you belong.


You’re still trying to create space and structure so that you have a platform on which you can truly be your own being. You will question your job and dependencies if it limits your freedom. The purpose of this questioning is to make sure these systems work for your benefit. Midweek, you have the opportunity have a stimulating conversation during which you feel like you can forget your limitations. Use what you talk about to change the architecture of your platform.


You have a lot of energy happening in your personal life. It can be amazing or toxic, depending on your circumstances but it is absolutely overwhelming. You might feel like you don’t have time to think about your responsibilities. Actually, work becomes a pleasant distraction from all the activity where you have full confidence that you know what you’re doing and have the time to learn without pressure. Use how you feel inside of processes to shift your perspective.


Whatever social expectations that you’re receiving from your family will affect the ways you define dependency. If you fight with who you live with, you’ll learn a lesson about sharing space. On Wednesday, you have the chance to just play, whether with someone or by yourself. Ideological disagreements will come out at work at the end of the week but not necessarily negatively, as long as you keep yourself flexible.


Early week, something that affects you deeply will be on the forefront of your mind. You have no interest in superficial ideas and want to investigate yourself. You’re interested in what makes you tick the way that you do. Wednesday is a good time to get things sorted at home. After, you’ll run into some internal disagreements with yourself about what you’re worth and what you want. Use this to feel better and more confident with yourself by accepting the material limitations in your life as old money problems make you reassess.


You’ll really want to do something for yourself beginning of this week—make sure that it is a true investment and not a trick of boredom. You’ll want to give yourself spending room for the socializing that you’ll do during this week. A family or buried issue shows its face late week, if there are any addictions in your past. Either way, it’s a good time to appreciate the ways your memories generate cycles to understand your own habits better.


You are super ambitious right now and actively working towards what it is you want to be. Wednesday will be about consolidating your willpower and your self-appreciation. If you’ve been doing the work you need to do to feel right about yourself, you might find yourself generating an new opportunity for yourself. Later in the week, if you run into transportation issues, realize that the universe is trying to let you have time to space out and daydream. If you argue about something, it’s because you’re learning to adapt.


In the beginning of the week, let yourself reveal an insecurity related to conformity and success. Others will relate and you will feel less isolated about the issue. Wednesday is a great day to explore the infinite potentials the world has to offer. You have a chance to learn in a fulfilling way if you are willing to listen and receive. Later this week, you’ll feel mixed up about how to make plans for a flexible mindset. Let yourself wonder and create options that truly express who you are.


You have an issue right now—the inherent conflict between your dreams and reasons for living and the financial limitations necessary to realizing them. You want to do something worthwhile later on and you’re not sure whether it is worth or (or whether you are worth it). Wednesday offers a time of feeling emotionally right, when you’re ready for internal confrontation. Give yourself space and privacy before asking someone in your family or past to give you feedback on the ideas you’ve reached.

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