Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: New Moon

During this New Moon, we’ll find something to listen to.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women | May 22, 2017

Retrograde Jupiter in Libra is emphasized this week in all sorts of ways–both Mercury and Neptune create a Yod formation and the Sun trines it, while squaring that same Neptune. Jupiter is the teacher who gives all sorts of knowledge and expands meaning upon meaning until you know quite a bit, more than you know what to do with. In Libra, it asks us to gain a wider understanding of society. It asks us to keep our emotions at bay with making judgments. Retrograde, it asks us to change our opinions within rather than getting up on a soapbox.

Because Neptune squares the Sun and is also involved in the Yod, there’s an element of not being sure whether our communications and ideas are real or just illusions that aim to distract us. Something grabs our interest but we’re not sure whether we are confused because we are learning or because we have been deceived. There are those who use lies to tell the truth and those who use truth to tell lies. Politically, words or ideas can get carried away with themselves or and either confusion or a scandal can result. Because our president is a Gemini Sun, he can be the one who says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Thursday is this year’s New Moon in Gemini during which our capacity for perception is renewed. Gemini is what gives us the ability to say, “I hear you” or “I see you” when there are bodies around us in pain. It is our ability to witness another and recognize ourselves. As much as Gemini is famous for talking, it spends just as much time listening. During this New Moon, we’ll find something to listen to.

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Use Thursday’s New Moon to find something that interests you and keeps your mind sharp and curious. You’ve been lacking stimulation for a while and it get boring doing the same thing all the time, or even forced to think about the same ideas. If you have been reading essays, take a shot at fiction. If you’re sick of stories, dig into some far out scientific theory. Wanting to know more about those around you will help you make new friends and renew existing relationships. Balance this with a need to be off in your own make believe world.


Not being sure where and with whom you belong can make you either want to be everything to everyone or drop out of social space completely. This week asks you to reconsider how those around you affect the way you feel about yourself, including your health and how you function. It’s your value system that is getting a rejuvenation out of this Full Moon but your social circle and your relationship to your body where the effects will be felt.


Get ready to recreate you! You’ve spent a month cleaning out your subconscious, Gemini, and you’re now ready to just make a new version of yourself. If you’re an early Gemini with a birthday this week, watch and see if it isn’t a particularly thrilling time. You’re fascinated by everything right now and don’t even realize the most interesting thing in the room, to you, is yourself. Study how you get to know things and people. Make yourself the subject of your perpetual studenthood.


Questions about belonging matter significantly to you right now. Where do you belong and what defines your belonging? Is it people or are you a creature of solitude? Does your present or past determine belonging and which is determined by the other? Even if you forget something, you’re always have an association of the thing. The right scent brings you back right where you started. Use the New Moon to actively clear out your subconscious.


Figure out what you want to prove to other people rather than just yourself. Part of being a Leo means that you’re an island onto yourself and you don’t want to admit just how much you need the approval of others to shine in your special way. It’s important to get your ideas heard right now and, to do that, you have to consider how they actually affect others. Learning a new way to listen will go a long way in helping you get heard.


No matter what, your struggle, the thing you want to prove, and life’s challenge to you will always deal with communication. This week asks you to adopt a new fighting spirit to conquer your anxieties about being misunderstood or not heard. Something to think about again and again is context. You are confused by the information you’re given right now. What can you do to create a deeper, more emotional and instinctive reading of the environment in which you envision you ideas in?


This Jupiter has been taking its time going forward and backward in your sign because it wants you to rework any loose ends you have about education. What is your attitude about knowledge and the institutions that wield it like a weapon or currency? Most of your learning is actually happening socially and it will help to consider the social atmosphere that any school of life, whether it is an actual school or a workplace, generates.


This is your annual time to reimagine what intimacy and dependency means to you. Scorpio, your nature is best exercised when creating accountability in a group setting. Think about what your power is and how you affect society. It’s okay to withdraw a little as you’re considering how you are meaningful and what has meaning in your life. Fantasizing about some adventure will create an urgency to investigate these deeper topics.


A lot of long term transits have been making you consider both your social value and addictions you’ve inherited from your family. You’ll receive a challenge to listen to someone else that affects the outcome of these longer battles with yourself. If you adapt to the situation as needed, you’ll discover a new way to approach your relationships. The challenge for you is to resist responding emotionally to a situation that you cannot control.


Be extra vigilant about opportunities in your life. If you have an overly narrow idea of what success means to you, chances are that you won’t notice the opportunities that are coming your way because they are not what you are expecting. If you let your strength be your flexibility, you’ll find that some kind of luck in what you want to achieve to grow and enrich your life. This week lets you re-manage your time so that it suits your body and energy better.


This is a fun time of the year for you and you might even fall in love, if not with another person then definitely with yourself and what makes you tick. You’re experiencing for experience’s sake alone right now and choosing what gives you freedom over anything else. What holds you in place is what causes you confusion but you have the chance to create a new opportunity for yourself, provided you resist letting your ego get carried away.


Re-create your home so that it bring you comfort. Your greatest joy is how you share with others, which can mean sexual chemistry, communal resources, or even societal values. There’s a lot in your life that asks you to not focus too much on you and your own history. Justify your existence based on what you can give to others instead. You might want to do something kind for who you live with or your family.

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