Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: New Moon in Taurus

Because this New Moon is in Taurus, we’ll mostly be feeling the affects of our haves and have nots.

Weekly Horoscope for Queer Women | April 24, 2017

As the Moon goes through the Sun, we get a little emotional recharge. To honor this time, we’ll want take a little time off at the beginning of the week, go into our own bubbles, and figure out what makes us tick internally. Any Sun-Moon transit is going to talk about individualization and this is the most subjective time of them all. We get back in touch with our own idiosyncrasies, take time to giggle privately over our inside jokes with ourselves, and take the time to learn from the culmination of what has happened in the last 28 days. This time isn’t a social or productive one, but an important segment of our monthly cycles.

Because this New Moon is in Taurus, we’ll mostly be feeling the affects of our haves and have nots. This week is our yearly financial reboot but also affects our self esteem. Are the practical limitations of your life giving more or less self esteem? What do you rely on in order to create your own value? Stability is just a construct but one we intentionally create for survival’s sake.

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is running direct now and move from Pisces into Aries. This is the cusp of death/life, of martyrdom/survival, and of abandonment/finding the self. It’s no surprise that Scheat, the fixed star of lost ships, is found at this intersection. In order to justify our struggles, we had to find higher meaning – the one thing that wandering around, as if lost, gives us. Now, we have to figure out how to use that latent magic in our own lives, to activate it, and all the things we, ourselves, can do with a less than perfect value system not in our own control.

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Are you spending in a way that makes you feel like you have control over your life, Aries? Even if you are, are you aware of how you manage your resources? Spending as little as possible for survival’s sake alone or just as bad as blowing everything on an impulse buy and is frequently part of the same cycle. Own up to what you need, even so little luxuries, and make a budget for thriving.


Your identity for the past year is reaching a turning point. There’s things you’ve been working on and are done with, for now. What have you learned from the experience? What do you want to take away and what do you want to put away, so that you can leave some room in your head for bigger and better things this next year? Redress and restyle yourself if need be. Do it on your own terms.


There’s a subconscious block that you’re doing away with, Gemini, and it has something to do with a private stubbornness you’re surprised you have. As someone who is so embracing of change, don’t let yourself fear stability. Argue your own mouth off, if you want, over someone else’s values but, after the dialogue, reflect over whether you were talking to yourself the whole time.


What are your dreams? Not just aspirations but the things you imagine which shape you intentions and inspire you? If finding your own stability is one of those things, try to imagine how you can create it for yourself. You function best in a community that loves you, Cancer, but you’ll have to use your discrimination to build one that you can truly trust.


There’s some missions in life that you have to put everything on the line for. You don’t make your goals, Leo, without making a plan to achieve them. Beware of any fixedness in your mentality, especially pertaining to success. To make your goals solid, you’ll have to build them slow but what you don’t let kill them will only make them stronger. Use any mistakes you’ve made as your base foundation.


When you say exactly what it is you mean, people will often take it the wrong way (because no one does that, do they?). Make sure your life philosophy is nurturing for you, Virgo, which may involve looking at it as a perpetual work in progress. If you keep your ideas to yourself in fear of changing them, you’re doing yourself and the world no good. Get in an argument this week to sharpen your claws and your brain.


You have every right to depend on other people and society, but only as much as the next person over. Build your shared resources intentionally and persistently. These resources can be as personal as the bed you share with a partner or as public as medical funds for a community. You’ll need to let this work transform you and fall every step of the way.


The way in which you construct relationships is getting recharged this week. A new person could enter your life or someone could leave it. What’s important is that you take a look at how you relate. Do you nurture those in your life, treat people like possessions, or is it a mixture of both (because possession and nurture is two sides of the same coin)? You give tremendous love away by calling people in your life “yours”. Just make sure this is constructive.


This is a good time to do some tidying up. Get rid of any possessions which aren’t serving your everyday purpose and put the sentimental ones into a box. If they don’t fit, throw some away. Without realizing it, you might have been hoarding or holding onto some things this year, Sag, especially very expensive things. Sell the things you bought just because they were well priced and only keep the things you actually like.


You’re ready for an adventure, whether that’s out in the world or stuck in your own head. You might buy or find a meaningful object at some point this week. Take the time to venture around, whether making travel plans or just in your own neighborhood, to find one. If you don’t find one, then make your own. Put some beauty in your life, now!


Your values come from your past, Aquarius, and this is what makes you such an eccentric observer of reality. Your innate pondering is what takes you from one moment to another, without continuity or sense. This subjectivity always comes from what you’ve put away to remember for another time. Rebuild your relationship to your past to make for a better present.


You need to take your time when learning something. This is because, once you learn it, you have it forever. You don’t just get the general idea for things or learn it so you can mimic something – you learn it so it becomes a part of you. This process is slow and you need to make time for it. Are you so busy running around and fulfilled wishes that you’ve lost the time to daydream over an idea or indulge in a book? Find that time again.

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