Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Jupiter Retrograde

The unknown is all too familiar.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Jupiter Retrograde
March 5, 2018

Jupiter retrograde this week opens the world back up from where we stitched its borders too close to our homes. When Jupiter retrogrades, we realize that the unknown is all too familiar. What we think of as the great beyond, as too high for us to climb, as too vast for us to describe, is really just another facet of our own imagination. It makes us look for new images of what is “out there”. Because Jupiter’s areas of rulership oppose Mercury’s, we feel similar affects as a Mercury retrograde. This time, it’s our beliefs and institutions that confound us. Jupiter in Scorpio can cause a rift in what we thought we were all together on to make things more complicated.

Mercury and Venus, followers of the Sun, foreshadow Spring by running into Aries this week. To do so, they pass by the fixed star Scheat, a sign of ship wreck. Our thoughts and relationships get a little lost this week before they remind us that they should properly bolster you first. All the idealism of Pisces gets directed until every sentence we utter becomes like a little cannonball. Things heat up and get faster.

The Last Quarter Moon phase of Pisces season is in Sagittarius and we still see no sign of any air. Remember to breathe this week because it may have been too long since you’ve done so. It’s not a great time to choose words or friends. Instead, sink into the reality of the world and your abstract passions will find themselves.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)


Change your mind about social values. It’s possible that, in the past year, you’ve gotten quite fanatical about some things. Jupiter makes you get carried away. Now, it’s time to re-evaluate what you’ve gained and what you’ve spent away quite happily without giving it another thought. Remember that your values are meant to make you stronger.


There are some relationships in your life and need looking over, specifically on the issue of what you hope others see in you. Part of you doesn’t care at all how others see you and the other half is completely molded by it. Make your ability to be with and hold space for others full of other possibilities by rejecting the social image you’ve spent too much time creating.


While you’ve been more in touch with your body than ever before this past year, Jupiter has also given you some ideas about health and living that may be a tad bit paranoid. It’s time to take a look at your habits and see what makes sense for long term use. Make sure that your ownership of your body is yours and your alone and only use healing systems when they suit you. Anything too fanatical becomes unhealthy.


This year has been about personal exploration for you and getting all you can out of life. Time might seem to cut your playtime in half or prompt you to play more if it’s something you’ve been avoiding. It’s time to see how you can develop your play so that it is a part of your productive life and emotional foundation, so that indulgence is a part of welcoming abundance and excess is not a word that you need in your vocabulary.


Wherever it is that you call home has been going through changes this past year. This week gives you a chance to collect your thoughts about just where in the world do you put yourself. This placement affects all other areas of your life and, you’ll start to feel that in your flesh a little. Take wanderlust seriously because it describes your relationship to the world.


Change your mind about your interests. Have you decided for yourself this year that you are only interested in koala bears, DNA, and market psychology? This year is a time of research for you and it’s okay to get lost in a hole. However, it’s time to read and think about something totally unrelated to those set interests so that you produce a sense of wonder still. 


It’s time to take a break from thinking about money, which has been a boot in your face just about all year long. Chances are, you’ve been growing financially and in terms of what you value. Take a moment to make this system more flexible by changing your mind about what you believe in. This will allow you to rest and make what you’ve gained stay even when you’re not pushing for it all the time.


This year has been about just being you. It’s been about finding all the different ways of inhabiting yourself and feeling so free and independent you can conquer the world. This week, take a pause from all that over exposure. You probably feel like you need it. Make sure that the “you” you are creating is still flexible as you rest so that you can still be a different you in the near and far future.


This can be a productive time for you as well as an important time. This week, realize what some of the things that have been holding you back are, things you haven’t realized before. Focus on things relating especially to themes of control that you avoid on impulse. Don’t let your world get circumscribed any smaller through things that you refuse to acknowledge within yourself.


You’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and exploring the different groups you’re able to lose your sense of ego within. This week, however, will ask you whether you identify too strongly with a group and lose a sense of yourself and what you can accomplish for yourself. Make sure that your friendships don’t shut you off from the possibilities of other friendships down the line to make sure they love and nurture everyone involved.


You’re been thinking forward and about the future. Things are coming to you and you feel ready to explore the world. However, this week will challenge what you think you already know about the world and change your initial standpoint on why you are exploring. It forces you to rethink the mission statement of your great adventure just to open you up a little more.


This year, you’ve been propagating the information you believe to be right and believe in with all your heart. However, this week, take a break from taking a stand. Getting too involved with any political doctrine creates a political monster, even if you believe in all your motives. This moment will make you take a step back from what you believe to be correct. Relish the wrongness.

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