Video of the Day: Fortune Feimster and Natalie Maines Perform “Goodbye Earl”

“This song goes out to every girl out there who’s touching a penis for the first and last time because society made her feel like she needed to try it.”

Dixie Chicks have been feminists and LGBTQ allies from within the country community for years, and their song “Goodbye Earl” was one of the tracks that illustrates their pro-women vibes best. The song is all about two best friends, and how they come together to poison an abusive ex-husband. It’s catchy AF and also had some lesbian vibes with lines like “So the girls bought some land and a roadside stand / Out on highway 109 / They sell Tennessee ham and strawberry jam / And they don’t lose any sleep at night, ’cause Earl had to die.”

So when out comic Fortune Feimster joined Dixie frontwoman Natalie Maines for a rendition of “Goodbye Earl” on Comedy Central’s Comedy Jam, we knew we had to make it our Video of the Day, and be totally fine with having the chorus bounce around our heads all day.

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