Horoscopes For Queer Women: Leo, It’s Time For Your Hot Girl Summer

Leos just want to have fun.

Happy August, lovers, and happy birthday, Leo! August is upon us, and although you may be feeling sad about summer winding down, don’t despair—this month is bringing us not only more sunshine but some much lighter Astro-vibes to help lighten up the summer. If you’ve survived the heaviness of July—congratulations! Now the Universe is here to bring you some gifts.

The first week of this month is one of the happiest this summer, astrologically speaking. Enjoy the light feelings over the next couple of weeks, because you’ll become a bit more introspective come August 11th when both Jupiter and Uranus go retrograde on the same day. This will ask us to look within and make changes for the better, for ourselves, and the collective.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 15th is asking you to think outside the box and connect with your community. How can you best use your talents to be of service to your community? Virgo season begins on August 23rd, and, just like it began, August ends on a light and happy note with a new moon in Virgo on August 30th. That’s your chance to think about what you want to invite into your life for the Fall—beside your cozy sweaters and oversized hoodies, that is! Overall, August is a great month for holding space for yourself, your community, and finding joy in the small moments in life.


Paying attention to the finer details isn’t necessarily your thing, but this month calls you to challenge yourself to do exactly that. This is your month to consider how you can create something that is useful not only to yourself but to others as well. This is definitely asking you to step outside of your usual mojo, bold Aries, but, this month, doing something for others helps your own dreams come true too. Mid-month you’ll want to slow down a little — let your body rest and catch up with yourself and all of your ideas. This will allow the Universe time to help you manifest your deepest desires.


This month brings you clarity about what you truly value, love, and appreciate. This summer may have stretched your patience and determination to the limits, but you’re finally getting some relief from it all this month, dear Taurus. Stay communicative with the ones you love; the words will flow more easily, and you may find your creativity strikes you at the times when you least expect it. Spend time with family and close friends this month. This is your month to connect and truly be present with the ones who matter most, work deadlines be damned.


These last few months may have been challenging, and that’s not easy for you, Gemini, who likes to keep things light-hearted and easy. Digging deep into your psyche and others’ isn’t really in your comfort zone, but Pluto has been pushing you to focus on your partnerships and relationships and how you show up for them. Remind yourself that it’s okay to trust in the Universe and surrender to what (and who) life brings you. You don’t need to shut down when the going gets tough.


You’ve been learning a lot about yourself lately, sweet Cancer. Namely where/what/who “home” means to you. Saturn is transiting in Cancer now, and you’ll be feeling a greater sense of self-discipline and responsibility for your own feelings rather than feeling constantly swept away by them. If you don’t already, now’s the time to truly learn to love your sensitive and nurturing side and see it for the strength and gift it really is. Stay open-minded about the way you express yourself and look for new (to you) ways to express what emotions are living deep within you.



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Beautiful Leo, this is your time to shine! It’s time to kick hot girl summer into overdrive. You live for this season because finally everyone is on the same page as you about how magical you are. When it comes to generosity of spirit, you’ve got it nailed: you were born loyal and lovely. It’s time to celebrate you and the life you’ve created for yourself. Take time this New Moon on the 15th to ask yourself what it is you want out of life and how you can have fun doing it. Because your life is all about fun, dear Leo babe.


No matter what you do, dear Virgo, chances are you find yourself feeling inadequate and like you could be doing things better. But this month? This is not one of those times. You’re on your A game, and you know it. It’s time to focus on growth and expansion this month. Be open to what the Universe brings you and know that whatever you touch this month has the potential to turn to gold. It’s okay to be selfish right now; you don’t always need to be caring for others before yourself. Put yourself first and see what magical things happen.


This month brings you clarity about what you want—and don’t want—in your life and relationships. How you share yourself and give your time and heart becomes abundantly apparent this month. Don’t be afraid to face the truth of how you show up for others. Your relationships are aching for a deeper, less superficial connection this month. Open your heart and allow it to flow as it should, vulnerability and all.


This is a month for potential rebirth for you, dear Scorpio. Healing, regeneration, and self-awareness are all the keywords for the month. It should become clear to you as the month carries on where you are with your inner power and how that plays out in your relationships. You’ve had the last few months to take inventory of your abilities, talents, and weaknesses. Now is the time to take charge and use your gifts for the greater good. This is a good month to ask for what you want out of life, love, and work.


Oh, Sagittarius, this hasn’t been the easiest year for you, has it? Chances are, you’ve been a student of life and schooled many times over, whether you want to be or not. Your relationships have been challenging and have really helped you see what you want out of love and friendships. Your natural optimism will be returning and the Universe will once again be your oyster to discover by mid-month.


Brace yourself, Capricorn: this is your month to really feel and show your feelings and sensitivity. I know how challenging that can be for you, but you’ll be better off for it. Promise. Just do yourself a favor and don’t take on any more obligations or responsibilities this month. This is your time to focus on letting your softer side emerge and really show up for the more vulnerable parts of life. This New Moon on the 15th asks you to focus on intimacy—both in how you nurture yourself and others. What do you want out of relationships? Think about it, write it down, and trust that it’ll happen.


This month is all about relationships for you, Aquarius, though you may feel yourself pulled in all sorts of different directions with everyone needing a piece of you at once. The important thing to focus on here is what YOU want. You are under no obligation to give yourself to everyone, only the folks who you want to make a priority. Plant the seeds for what you want out of your friendships and relationships. Your search for authenticity and living your truth is important, so reflect on who YOU want to be and how you can get support from others to be your best self.


Sweet, sensitive Pisces, now more than ever the spotlight is on your connections with others. If you’ve been thinking about taking a course about managing relationships or healing your inner child, now is the time to do it. How have relationships been going for you for the last 12 years? Take stock of what works for you and what doesn’t and then focus on how you can bring more of the good into your life and relationships. You’re incredibly intuitive, so believe in yourself and that gut feeling that tells you the truth about who people are long before they do.

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