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Thank You For Being a Friend, The Last Supper, Celebrity Autobiography and more..

Thank You for Being a Friend, the unauthorized musical parody inspired by the beloved TV sitcom Golden Girls, returns to the Kraine Theater through Aug. 1. The show revolves around four women over 60 (Blanchette, Dorthea, the Roz, and (Sophie) who are spending their golden years together in a bungalow in Miami. The Girls’ world is turned upside down when gay pop superstar Lance Bass moves next door and keeps the quartet of cheesecake-loving retirees awake. Hilarity ensues.

Indulge your voyeuristic fantasies @Naked in a Fishbowl,playing @Soho Playhouse every Mon through Aug.9.This exciting, improvised play is a unique theatrical event that eavesdrops on the lives of four women in NYC.Audiences watch a new story unfold every night as the actresses begin w/ a new location and scenario and then fully improvise the evening’s performance. The lives of Bonnie, Jean, Sara, and Sophie are completely exposed in original performances full of raw humor, startling honesty, and infectious comedy.

The hysterical hit comedy Celebrity Autobiography will present a special one-night engagement to coincide w/ New York’s annual Gay Pride celebration @ the Gramercy Theater on June 26.The show,which originated in Los Angeles to great acclaim and was later adapted for a Bravo TV special,features a rotating cast of actors reading selections from the autobiographies of the famous, including Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds,Ivana Trump & more.Among the actors currently scheduled to perform are Rachel Dratch, Kristen Johnston,John Cameron Mitchell & B.D.Wong.

Eat, Drink, Be Buried . . . at the The Last Supper every Wednesday night at the Red Room Theater. The show follows a group of liberal minded roommates and their well-meaning descent into murder. After a dinner party goes wrong and their guest ends up unexpectedly slain as a result of a violent political debate, the group decides that this can be their way of changing the world and making a difference—one unreasonable conservative at a time. They begin inviting guests over for dinner and political discussion. If they can’t change their guests mind through "intelligent" conversation and debate, they end their lives "humanely" by poisoning them. With each dinner, and the bodies mounting, the roommate’s relationships to one another and reality quickly begin to unravel.

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