The Very Best Of NYC Dance December/January 2009-2010)

Dance Gotham, Rays of Space and More!

Company XIV presents an Apple Triptych featuring the World Premiere of their family holiday show “Snow White”, a revival of “Le Ser- pent Rouge” and a revival of “The Judgment of Paris” at the Company’s home space through Jan. 17. Inspired by the Brothers’ Grimm ver- sion of the fairy tale, Snow White is a baroque infused show for all ages. Just in time for the holiday season, the lavish production features opera, dance, puppetry and fun for the entire family. In the sensual and sumptuous “Le Serpent Rouge”, Company XIV enacts the story of Adam, Eve and the fall of man. Fusing dance, theater, music and visual art, “Le Serpent Rouge” draws inspiration from Jean Cocteau’s one act play Le Bel Indifferent and has an eclectic musical score. Inspired by the Greek myth “The Judgment of Paris”, Company XIV tells an epic story of lust, love, and tragedy, illustrating the events that lead to Paris’ fateful decision to award Aphrodite the golden apple in exchange for Helen of Troy. The latter two productions have mature content; no one under 17 will be admitted.

Gotham Arts Exchange in association with the Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU presents Dance Gotham Jan. 8- 10. This annual dance festival finds a new home for its fourth year, presenting a thrilling range of aesthetics and artistry. From post- modern athleticism to seasoned theatricality, the artists offer choreographic works that are sophisticated, witty, wonderfully intelligent and revealing.

Don’t miss Rays of Space at Dancspace Project, St. Mark’s Church Dec. 17-19. In this dance piece, choreographer Kota Yamazaki explores the landscape of light, architecture and the body. He plays with an invisible architecture by composing fluid movements to resemble bodies floating in space. French visual artist Cécile Pitois harnesses the rays of light in the church and connects the dancers to the specific environment of the sanctuary. The landscape is amorphous and fleeting, dispersing intensity and reinventing the relationships between the dancers.

On Jan. 10. Gotham Arts Exchange presents Stam-Pede, an afternoon of the very best in percussive dance by seven celebrated companies at the Peter Norton Symphony Space. From soulful flamenco to lively Irish dance to innovative body percussion to mesmerizing tap dance and delightful clogging, this impressive collection of companies offers something for everyone who loves the power and precision of percussive dance. Prepare to be amazed by their virtuoso displays of lightining fast footwork, intoxicating rhythm, and high energy musical accompaniment. Expect a rollicking good time as the audience is treated to a sensory feast of sight and sound.

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