The Shot

Photo by: Vince Bucci/Wireimage

She’s baaack. Lesbian television-drama queen Ilene Chaiken, creator and Executive Producer of…you know, is out to seduce Planet Lesbiana once again. “The Real L Word” is indeed coming to a small screen near you. The new “reality” show chronicles the adventures of real, live lesbians living their real life lives in, of all places, Los Angeles, California. “This is the way / It’s the way that we live / It’s the way that we live / and love.”  Yep.

…and we quote

"I know there are certain political restraints that make action difficult; however, lack of equality for some is lack of equality for all and I think it’s time for us all to get equal."

Ten-year-old Will Phillips addresses a message to President Obama at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City. In November, Will decided that he could not pledge allegiance to the flag as long as the country for which it stands refuses legal equality to its LGBT citizens. The Arkansas boy was the subject of CNN’S American Morning in the award winning segment “Why Will Won’t Pledge Allegiance.”

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