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Nightlife Editor’s Picks August 2008. The hottest clubs, coolest bars, and everything in between.

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Since 2003, the People of Color in Crisis (POCC) have been producing events for Black Pride in New York City that continue to inspire, enlighten, uplift and showcase the unique talents of LGBTQI people of color. This year will be no exception as POCC hosts a myriad of special events, parties, workshop and performances that highlight the accomplishments of local African-American and Latino queer people of color.

Highlights of this year’s celebration include a showcase of black art and culture, BLACKOUT 2008—The Promise of Power, hosted by The Lab in Brooklyn.  August 2 is family day at Commodore Barry Park also in Brooklyn. POCC says to bring your lawn chairs, volleyballs, frisbees and festive attitudes! The event features live entertainment and fun in the sun!

During Black Pride, one of the best women’s parties to check out is the C.R.E.A.M. (Chicks Rule Everything Around Me) Part 2 Event. This Brooklyn party is presented by Lezplay especially for Black Pride, and it will be sizzlin’ at The 5 Spot, known for its fly parties. On August 2, LovergirlNYC is putting on a special Black Pride party at New York’s premiere nightclub Pacha, featuring DJ Mary Mac and a performance by Syn Moulin. Also on August 2, The Chocolate Bar in Brooklyn will host its Second Annual Black Pride 2008—a mixed party for queer women and men of color. Shaydee productions and Lisa S present this celebration of togetherness and unity within the queer community. The drink specials will be rollin’ and noted DJs such as MK and Poison Ivy will be on the ones and twos. This is a great party to dance and enjoy our gay boyfriends while we celebrate our freedoms as queer people.

Black Pride is an important tradition to support and celebrate as it commemorates our milestones and connects our communities. Go to for schedules and times.

Diva Dodgeball Afterparty

Picture it…it’s hot and you’ve been “dodging” all day, or at least you’ve been eyeing hot girls doing all the work for you all afternoon. Exhausted? What’s next? GIRLS! Yes, that’s it…more girls. Girls dancing (and drinking) at the Diva Dodgeball afterparty at Cherry’s on the Bay. These ladies have been working it out aggressively on the sand with one thought on their minds: to claim the Diva Dodgeball championship title for their respective teams. And you know what that means—after the game they will be in the mood for some TLC…from you! The hottest club, house, Latin, reggaeton and hip-hop will be pumping as some of the city’s best DJs spin the hits to ease that competition away and open up those sexy bedroom eyes from the ladies on the Grove. You just might find the love of your life over a burger at the BBQ, or maybe over a friendly game of beer pong or tip cup. If you let her win she might give you a kiss…so show your sensitive side and let someone cute win and win you over. The drink specials will make you think you’re still winning no matter how much you lose. So if you find yourself on Fire Island looking for something to do after the sun goes down, check out the Diva Dodgeball afterparty, where the ladies will be ready for the sport of love. Check the A&E listings for details.

Spin Sugar

What could be sweeter than hearing real music in the company of cute girls on the LES? Well, how about dancing to real music spun by queer DJs as you sip on Absolut drink specials all night long? Yes, ladies, Sin Sin, one of the trendiest spots on the East Side, will be housing some of the city’s hottest DJs in hopes of keeping the LES real gritty with true art and culture. Every first Thursday at Sin Sin, noted DJs such as Noa D, Roze Royze and Amber Valentine will have your mind spinnin’ and legs movin’ with true beats. On Aug 7, the ultra-talented DJ Tikka Masala will be bringing her own personal brand of sounds to Spin Sugar. She is known to mix beats with different sounds so sweet that will give your whole body aches…from dancing. This party is for those who truly enjoy good music and understand the complexities and necessities of an eclectic DJ in today’s world of bubble-gum pop. Get your sugar fix at Sin Sin and go home feeling sweeter than candy. Check Nightlife listings for details.

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