The Art of Anachronism

A review of musical artist Sabrina Chap’s newest creation, OOMPA!

No one will ever be able to sum up Sabrina Chap’s musical style in a single phrase.  She flits from genre to genre, flirting with blues, jazz, big band, country, ragtime, and god knows what else.  Many bands reanimate one genre to define their "sound," but to experiment with almost every style of music invented between 1900 and 1960 is terribly ambitious.

This is what makes OOMPA! is so unique.  Sabrina Chap is fluent in melodic diversity, and manages to make various genres of music seamlessly coalesce, packaging them into a charming patchwork cabaret performance.

In fact, the theatricality of the songs is so strong that one can almost imagine the album as a soundtrack for a musical.  Many bands who incorporate an older style of music into their art make their sound feel forced, but Sabrina’s startling lack of self-consciousness and lighthearted approach diffuse any feeling of artifice, and makes her a joy to listen to.

OOMPA! has some particularly striking songs, lyrically resonating with any listener. "Never Been A Bad Girl", which is a rebellious ditty about casting away the need to please while  evolving into a more carefree, naughty individual. "Ze Paris Song" highlights her experiences while living in Paris, sung in a hilariously bad French accent, and finally, "The Boat Song", which greatly piano-driven reminding listeners of Carole King or a more playful Tori Amos.

Perfect music for a dinner party, OOMPA! has the power to spark creative conversation and positive atmosphere. Sabrina Chap is guaranteeably vaudevillian chic and undeniably impressive. Your company will feel a unity with Chap and request to hear her latest creation over, and over, and over again.

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