The Top 100 Lesbian, Bi, and Queer Moments of 2019

What a truly epic lesbian year it has been.

Happy New Year, babes! While we all prepare our resolutions — Get over your ex! Stop excessively online shopping! — with the hope that 2020 will bring us love, happiness, and health (and fame and fortune), we thought it important to reflect on all the moments of lesbian, bisexual, and queer representation that brought us joy, changed the course of history, and proved our resilience. To kiss 2019 goodbye and welcome 2020, GO wants to shine a light on those who rightfully deserve to bask in it: the out women, the badass activists, the fearless politicians, and every LBTQ+ woman who slayed this year.

1. The First Openly Bisexual U.S. Senator Was Sworn In — January 3, 2019


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The year started out on a high note with the swearing-in of Kyrsten Sinema as a junior U.S. senator from Arizona. Sinema is openly bisexual, so this moment made her the first openly bisexual U.S. senator. She was elected to replace retired GOP senator Jeff Flake — and oh, yeah, she took her oath of office on a law book instead of a Bible.

2. The First Openly Gay Presidential Candidate Enters The Race — January 22, 2019

As candidates began entering the race for the United States’ next president, we were lucky enough to see the first openly gay candidate throw his name into the running. Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, announced his candidacy at the end of January. During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Buttigieg noted that he speaks openly about his sexuality because he is “mindful of the fact that this just might make it a little easier for the next person who comes along.”

3. Ice Dancing Queens — January 25, 2019 

Partners Joe Johnson and Karina Manta made history at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships at the start of 2019 as the first openly queer ice dancing team. The skating duo came out separately in October 2018 — Manta is bisexual and Johnson is gay — and has been proudly representing us queers on the ice ever since. The pair are not only close on the ice; off the ice, they are best friends, which just makes us melt.

4. Fletcher Blesses Us With Her Breakout Single “Undrunk” – January 25, 2019

LGBTQ pop singer Fletcher – who happens to be dating YouTuber Shannon Beveridge – dropped her hit single “Undrunk,” which is the heartbreak anthem we all deserve and *need*. Billboard called it “the first great breakout pop song of 2019” with its simple yet catchy “un” hook: “Wish I could get a little un-drunk so I could un-call you / At five in the morning, I would un-f*ck you / But some things you can’t undo.”

5. Showtime Announces The Reboot of “The L Word” — January 31, 2019 

This was the moment we came alive after 15 years of waiting in dark caves for an update on Shane’s nipple confidence. Not only would we be getting a sequel to “The L Word,” we would be getting three original stars returning (Jennifer Beals as Bette, Katherine Moennig as Shane, and Leisha Hailey as Alice). We also learned Marja Lewis Ryan, talented writer of “The Four-Faced Liar,” would be showrunner, supported by the three OG stars and series creator Ilene Chaiken as executive producers.

6. Sarah Shahi Confirms She Will Be Returning To “The L Word” Sequel —  February 1, 2019

Sarah Shahi played talented, down to earth, loveable, smoking hot DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales on the original “The L Word.” She confirmed in February that in every project she has worked on since, she has tried to make as much of an impact on a community as she did playing Carmen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she will be making an appearance in “Generation Q.” We hope Shane can make amends — while she does not deserve Carmen’s love, friendship would be nice. 

7. Janelle Monáe Performs Queer Anthem At The 61st Grammy AwardsFebruary 10, 2019

Janelle Monáe performed queer anthem “You Make Me Feel” at the 2019 Grammy Awards while donning the iconic vagina pants seen in her music video for “PYNK.” 

8. Brandi Carlile Is The Most-Nominated Woman At The 61st Grammy Awards — February 10, 2019

Folk singer and out lesbian Brandi Carlile received six nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards for her album “By the Way, I Forgive You,” including in the top three categories: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. She is the only female musician to be nominated in all of the top three categories.

9. Dyke Sport Makes Its Debut At London Fashion Week — February 16, 2019

Georgia Fallon, a 23-year-old from Sydney, Australia, launched her collection “Dyke Sport” at London Fashion Week. Her style was influenced by both butch and femme aesthetics in lesbian culture. The big bold colors and silhouettes create stunning, eye-catching looks that make you want to put it on, challenge a homophobe to a push-up contest, win, and then celebrate by frenching a pretty lady in the middle of the street.

10. “The Favourite” Scores At The Oscars – February 24, 2019


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Chances are you know about “The Favourite” by now, the gay period-drama of our dreams. Starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz, the movie depicts Queen Anne’s queer desires and portrays one of the most beautiful lesbian love triangles to date. Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Anne, won an Oscar for Best Actress, and the film received 10 nominations overall.

11. Brie Larson Destroys Us In “Captain Marvel” — March 8, 2019

Two words: Brie Larson. That’s almost all you need to know. And that she plays a bad-ass female superhero in what became one of the highest-grossing films of the year. “Captain Marvel” follows Kree warrior Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) who finds herself caught in an intergalactic war. Danvers must enlist the help of her old best friend Maria (Lashana Lynch) in order to defeat evil and their friendship queerbaits hard.

Marvel confirmed that the sequel will introduce a gay character. Unfortunately, it is not Carol Danvers. Regardless, we absolutely still want Brie Larson to punch us in the face, even if she ends up being straight.

12. Lilly Singh Becomes First Queer Woman Of Color On Late Night TV — March 14, 2019

YouTube star Lilly “Superwoman” Singh took over for Carson Daly on NBC’s 1:35 a.m. slot, just a month after she came out as bisexual, making her the only woman, the only LGBTQ person, and the only person of color to host her own late night show on broadcast network TV. “A Little Late With Lilly Singh” is now airing.

13. A Team On And Off The Field — March 15, 2019

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris were two (of what seems like many!) of the LGBTQ athletes representing the United States in the Women’s World Cup in June. But that’s not all. These two play together on and off the field; they got engaged (and kept it a secret!) in 2018. Rumors were plentiful in years’ past, but the two shared their love with the world in March 2019, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

14. Hannah Gadsby Blessed Us With A New Show — March 24, 2019

Hannah Gadsby, the genius mind behind Netflix’s “Nanette,” announced that she had a new show this year: “Douglas.” The title of the show refers to the name of one of her dogs, but the show covered more than just canine companions. Instead, Gadsby brought her typical topics like feminism and art history back to the masses in her usual nonchalant style.

15. Ilene Chaiken Went On Cameron Esposito’s Podcast And Spilled Some Major ‘The L Word’ Tea — March 25, 2019

Before we were blessed with the world premiere of “The L Word: Generation Q” in December, Ilene Chaiken, the co-creator, writer, and executive producer of both the original and new versions of “The L Word,” teased us with juicy details about the show. On Cameron Esposito’s podcast “Queery,” Chaiken dished on everything from characters to the show’s setting. We were definitely on the edge of our seat for more details!

16. Chicago Got Its First Black And Openly Gay Mayor — April 2, 2019

Chicago broke ground this year by electing its first Black lesbian mayor: Lori Lightfoot. According to the New York Times, Lightfoot’s win made Chicago the largest city in the United States ever to elect a Black female mayor. Before her election, Lightfoot had never held an elected position, but her passion for community — both the LGBTQ+ and Chicago communities — made her a strong candidate regardless.

17. Clairo Comes Out As “Not Straight” – April 30, 2019

Up-and-coming singer Clairo, whose song “Pretty Girl” went viral in 2017, tells Out that she remains unsure of her sexuality, but it’s definitely “not straight.” Her debut album “Immunity” features queer songs, including “Sofia,” which focuses on Clairo’s first women crushes.

18. Ellen Page And Emma Portner Share Intimate Portraits On Instagram — April 26, 2019

Celesbian couple Ellen Page and Emma Portner, married since 2018, shared couples’ portraits on Instagram that show them topless and intertwined. Both Page and Portner shared the photos on their pages alongside adorable emojis and comments, like the rainbow flag and the words “soulmate love dove.”

19. The 29th Annual Dinah Shore – April 2019 

GO Magazine had the immense lesbian honor of attending the world-famous The Dinah Weekend (again!) this year. From April 3-7, thousands upon thousands of gorgeous queer women made their yearly pilgrimage to Palm Springs for the most epic lesbian event ever.

20. Lena Waithe At The Met Gala — May 6, 2019


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Lena Waithe has been a top player at the Met Gala. After last year’s rainbow cape, the fashion world was left wondering how she was going to top it. She did not disappoint, of course. She wore a matching suit with designer Kerby-Jean Raymond to remind everyone at the gala that the theme of “camp” was invented by black drag queens and should be given the credit they deserve. The pinstripes of her suit were lyrics from several black artists such as Gloria Gaynor, RuPaul, and Sister Sledge. She is a queen with a cause.

21. Velvet – May 7-12, 2019

Right at the start of Ibiza’s party season, there was a huge influx of lesbian visitors to the world-renowned clubbing island thanks to Velvet, which took over a gorgeous hotel and loaded it with hundreds of queer women. It was five days and five nights of pool parties, beach parties, and dance parties. Need we say more?

22. Janelle Monáe And Lupita Nyong’o Canoodle In Public — May 8, 2019

Pansexual queen Janelle Monáe and actress Lupita Nyong’o were spotted getting very handsy in the background of someone else’s Instagram video, and Lesbian Twitter promptly lost its mind. It was never verified whether Nyong’o and Monáe were actually romantically involved or just having a bit of fun, but regardless, it was a moment to remember — especially after Monáe’s reported ex Tessa Thompson posted her own flirtatious tweet shortly afterward.

23. Taiwan Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage — May 17, 2019

Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage after a landmark decision. The ruling came two years after Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled that the country then-existing homophobic law was unconstitutional. The island’s parliament was given a two-year deadline to amend or create a new law — a time limit they met.

24. Showtime Announces “The L Word” Sequel Official Title: “The L Word: Generation Q” — May 22, 2019

In May, we learned that the new iteration of “The L Word” would be officially titled “The L Word: Generation Q.” The promise of more inclusivity caused even more excitement throughout the community, if that was even possible. By calling the new show “Generation Q,” we were guaranteed that more folks in the community would be represented and have their stories told with grace and drama. 

25. “Booksmart” Gifts Us With One Of The Best Queer Hookup Scenes To Date – May 24, 2019

Hailing comparisons to “Superbad,” coming-of-age comedy “Booksmart” depicts the type of raw and messy codependent friendship that we grew to love in series like “Broad City” and “Insecure.” The movie follows the adventures of best friends Amy and Molly on the eve of graduation after realizing they missed out on the party life of high school. The film quickly addresses that Amy is gay and crushing hard on a girl, and later gifts us with an amazingly awkward scene about her first hookup. It’s fun, sweet, and hysterical. It also has hands down one of the most accurate same-sex, first-time hookup scenes in existence.

26. Hundreds Of Couples Get Married At Taiwan’s Gay Marriage Party — May 24, 2019

One week after Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, the country held a massive same-sex wedding party in the capital city of Taipei. Hundreds of couples got married at the party. It was a majorly momentous day for the country’s LGBTQ community. 

27. Team USA Handball Makes History — May 28, 2019 

Super athlete and trans woman Athena Del Rosario is officially a member of the Team USA Beach Handball. She will compete in the Summer Olympics with her teammates in Summer 2024. Del Rosario is a former NCAA soccer payer — she was the goalkeeper for the UC-Santa Cruz women’s soccer team. She traded in her soccer kicks for being barefoot in the sand. Can’t say we blame her! Go Team USA, and hooray for inclusivity!

28. Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson Buy A Sex Bench — May 30, 2019

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson gave lesbian couples everywhere something to aspire to when they were photographed casually loading a new sex bench into their house in West Hollywood. Reporters did some sleuthing and found that the sex bench is from the company Extreme Restraints, and it costs £360.

29. Stonewall 50 | WorldPride 2019 — June 2019

This year was a major milestone for the LGBTQ+ community: the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising (and, essentially, the 50th anniversary of our celebrations of rights)! To honor the anniversary, Heritage of Pride brought the WorldPride 2019 event to New York City, where residents and visitors alike were able to commemorate Pride like never before! What a way to remember 50 years on that, as the WorldPride organizers put it, “Our movement started with a moment.”

30. Sephora Launches “We Belong To Something Beautiful” Campaign — June 5, 2019

Capitalism taking over Pride is a serious issue, and it’s important to see which companies are just trying to make a profit and who means business when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Sephora launched a campaign called “We Belong To Something Beautiful” that featured models of all sexualities, styles, body types, and abilities. Here’s to hoping they keep up the representation in 2020.

31. The NYPD Issues Its First Official Apology For The 1969 Stonewall Inn Raid — June 6, 2019

50 years after the police raided The Stonewall Inn and incited the event that would come to be known as the Stonewall Uprising, the New York Police Department has come forward to formally apologize for their role. During a Pride-related safety briefing, chief commissioner James O’Neill issued the apology on behalf of the entire NYPD, stating that he thought it would be irresponsible “to go through WorldPride month and not to speak of the events at the Stonewall Inn in June of 1969.”

32. Whole United Queer Festival — June 14-17, 2019

Some of the leading queer DJs, artists, dancers, and performers united in
Ferropolis, “the city of iron” in Germany. The three-day electronic festival has been described as the closest thing to a queer utopia we have here on earth. Naked sunbathing by day, pulverizing the dancefloor by night, one big happy queer family living and loving together. 

33. “Euphoria” Premieres And Inspires New Genre Of Makeup — June 16, 2019

HBO’s “Euphoria,” starring Zendaya and her love interest, trans actress Hunter Schafer, became a smash hit almost instantly, but what made the most impact was the makeup worn by the actresses on the show. Hunter Schafer rocks funky colors, face gems, and geometric shapes that had never been seen in pop culture. Until now.

34. Emma Willmann Launches A Solo Podcast — June 17, 2019

A staple in the NYC comedy community, Emma Willmann has done everything from being featured on the cover of Time Out NYC to selling sold-out shows at the New York Comedy Festival. Willmann is also an avid podcaster, and this year saw us getting blessed with a new solo show from her called “Emma’s Diary From The Road.” It’s hilarious!

35. Baile Des Marinheiras  — June 22, 2019

The game-changing São Paulo party collective hosted one of the biggest lesbian parties Brazil has ever seen. 3,000 queer women poured into Sonora Garden the night before the city’s massive pride parade. Brazilian tunes, countless caipirinhas, and probably the best twerking we’ve ever seen.  

36. Four New Cast Members Announced To Join “The L Word Generation Q” — June 24, 2019

Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Toboni, and Rosanny Zayas were announced as the new cast members in “The L Word: Generation Q.” People were thrilled to learn that Leo Sheng, who would be playing trans man Micah Lee, identifies as trans in his own life. “The L Word” fans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief that we would not have another Max or Ivan situation on our hands. 

37. Megan Rapinoe Exclaims She’s “Not Going To The F*cking White House” — June 25, 2019

In the hype leading up to the final match of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the U.S. Women National Team kept the media supplied with plenty of newsworthy headlines. Making the biggest splash, however, was team co-captain Megan Rapinoe. Asked whether she was excited to be invited to the White House if the team won the whole tournament, Rapinoe replied with the best response we’ve ever heard: “I’m not going to the f*cking White House.” Ah, music to our queer ears (quears, if you will).

38. Singer-Songwriter Claud Drops Their Music Video For “I Wish You Were Gay” — June 27, 2019

Non-binary singer-songwriter Claud, previously Toast, released their video for “I Wish You Were Gay,” and it hit hard. The video pays homage to “500 Days of Summer” with its split-screen of expectations versus reality, but it’s all in the context of crushing on a straight girl. On the expectations side, Claud experiences requited love and they are the straight girl’s love interest. But on the reality side, the straight girl goes for the straight cis guy and Claud ends up leaving alone. The video nails the pain of falling for a straight girl. Claud hasn’t blown up yet, but it’s only a matter of time before they do.

39. L-Fest — July, 2019

L-Fest was a dreamy music, arts, and comedy festival in Bodafon Farm in Wales, UK. It’s the only lez fest in Britain, and this July, it had a nice balance of beautiful coastal views, film screenings, yoga, comedy nights, workshops, burlesque shows, live music, and nightly DJs. 

40. What A Knockout — July 6, 2019


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Lesbian MMA fighter Amanda Nunes of Brazil became the first woman in the world to hold two UFC championship belts. In fact, this sultry and sexy boxer has the most wins in UFC history under her belt: 11 so far! But that’s not all — the “Lioness” became the highest-paid fighter at the event after she TKO’d a former champ in July 2019. 

41. Doubles Anyone? — July 7, 2019

Lesbian power couple Alison van Utyvanck and her girlfriend and tennis partner Greet Minnen became the first same-sex couple to play doubles at Wimbledon together. Van Uytvanck and Minnen defeated Katie Swann and Freya Christie in their first match. Yay! They went on to lose in the second round, but not before making history as tennis’ first lesbian couple to hit those legendary courts. 

42. U.S. Women’s World Cup Win Is The Gayest Ever — July 8, 2019

Every lesbian turned into a sports lesbian this July after the very gay U.S. women’s soccer team won the World Cup. The team includes at least five openly queer members, including Megan Rapinoe, Ashlyn Harris, Ali Kreiger, Adrianna Franch, and Tierna Davidson. Plus, the coach. Also, Megan Rapinoe danced around with champagne after the win!

43. Ashlyn Harris And Ali Krieger On The Red Carpet Of The ESPYs — July 10, 2019

Every time Ashlyn Harris steps on a red carpet, she takes over the entire event. But the look that was especially breathtaking was her sheer suit. Coupled with Ali Krieger’s stunning red gown, the two of them looked like they invented fashion — which we’re still not convinced that they haven’t.

44. Sprinting To The Finish Line — July 10, 2019 

Lesbian sprinter Dutee Chand made history by winning India’s first gold medal at the World University Games. Dutee is one of India’s first gay athletes to live out and proud and has been dubbed India’s fastest woman in the country. The iconic and brave lesbian made history by winning India’s first-ever gold medal at the 30th Summer World University Games in Naples, Italy when she ran the women’s’ 100-meter spring in only 11.32 seconds. 

45. Gaby Dunn And Allison Raskin Drop “Please Send Help” — July 19, 2019

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin released their second joint book “Please Send Help.” The pair, who are not only business partners but also close friends, met at BuzzFeed and left to launch and work full-time on their YouTube channel “Just Between Us.” The channel became a podcast of the same name where the two discuss everything from their latest bad decisions to mental health.

46. Tessa Thompson To Play MCU’s First LGBTQ Superhero — July 22, 2019

Tessa Thompson, out queer icon, plays Valkyrie in the MCU movies. Thompson confirmed that Valkyrie is bisexual with a tweet back in 2017. This year, it was announced that Valkyrie is getting her very own movie now that she’s the king of Asgard. She’ll even be on the lookout for her own queen in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” This makes Valkyrie the first LGBTQ+ superhero in the MCU.

47. “The L Word: Generation Q” Casts Angie, Newcomer Jordan Hull — July 26, 2019

My friends and I used to pick up my little dog and wrap him in a baby blanket while watching the original “The L Word” and call him Angelica. Jordan Hull is, so far, doing a much better job. Can you believe little Angelica is now a teenager with a personality, hopes, dreams, and a plotline all her own? I feel ancient, but congratulations Jordan Hull, and welcome to the family!

48. Lesbian Couple Gets Married Onstage At Broadway’s “The Prom” — August 2, 2019 

During a showing of Broadway’s “The Prom,” a musical about rural lesbian life, the show’s script coordinator married her girlfriend, actress Jody Kay Smith. They were married by one of the show’s writers, and the entire audience erupted into cheers as they celebrated their first kiss.

49. #HappilyEver Packer — August 17, 2019 

National Women’s Hockey League players Anya Battaglino and Madison Packer tied the knot this summer in Newport, Rhode Island. The two talented hockey players stepped off the ice to exchange “I dos” beside a lighthouse. They shared beautiful photos of their special day on social media using the hashtag #HappilyEverPacker. Check ‘em out and swoon with us about their style and the love in their eyes. 

50. Ella International Lesbian Festival — August 2019


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Ella International Lesbian Festival went to Costa Rica for the first time this year and it sounded absolutely mind-blowing! The first part was in a small beachside surfing village in Guanacaste. The second was an off-the-grid eco-lodge in Fortuna. In 2020 they’re heading to Davos, Colombia, Mexico, France, and back to Costa Rica — all part of their mission to empower and connect queer women the world over. 

51. Miley Cyrus Kisses Kaitlynn Carter In Lake Como – August 10, 2019

Photos surfaced of Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter kissing while vacationing in Lake Como, and rumors quickly circulated that the two were dating. According to People, they moved in together about a month after the photo leaked and the short relationship ended in late September.

52. “The L Word: Generation Q” Teases Us for the First Time — August 22, 2019

We were officially teased, with the first teaser trailer only showing us a few glimpses of characters new and old as well as portraying the flavor of “Generation Q.” With Lizzo’s “Better In Color” setting the tone, the faces of our faves and soon-to-be-faves flash across the screen. I like to think Shane and Bette were speaking to us when they said “I missed you.”

53. Fletcher Drops Her EP: “You Ruined New York City For Me” — August 16, 2019

This EP is one of the gayest things ever (in the best possible way) — it’s titled “You Ruined New York City For Me,” because Fletcher’s ex ruined the entirety of New York City for her. The whole city, ruined. That’s some gay ish. 

One of the EP’s most vulnerable songs — and they’re all pretty vulnerable — “If You’re Gonna Lie” focuses on Fletcher’s denial after finding out her girlfriend cheated on her. She told PAPER she found someone else’s underwear in her girlfriend’s leather jacket and in that moment knew it was over. But accepting that? A whole different story.

54. Theodora “Teddy” Quinlivan Becomes First Openly Transgender Model For Chanel Beauty – August 26, 2019

This was a big year (relatively speaking) for transgender models. Theodora “Teddy” Quinlivan, a model from Boston, was actually discovered in 2015 by Louis Viutton’s creative director, but she did not come out as transgender until 2017. Though she had been on runways before, Chanel hired her for her first big campaign, and she became the first openly transgender model for Chanel.

55. Lesbian Astronaut Commits World’s First “Space Crime” — August 26, 2019

U.S. astronaut Anne McClain proved that dyke drama knows no bounds by allegedly committing the world’s first “space crime:” logging into her ex’s bank account while aboard the International Space Station. McClain denied the accusations but thanked people for the “outpouring of support.” NASA called her one of their “top astronauts.”

56. Someone Invents A “Bi-Chair” For Bisexuals Who Can’t Sit Straight — August 31, 2019

A Twitter meme about bisexuals never sitting properly came to life in the form of an actual handmade chair, thanks to one very supportive and clever dad whose child is bisexual. Israel Walker based his chair off of a viral design by the Brazilian artist Má Matiazi. The chairs and designs are now available for purchase.

57. Girlie Circuit — September 2019

Europe’s biggest lesbian festival returned to Barcelona, Spain for another wet ’n’ wild year in August. Thousands of women flocked to the iconic festival, which consists of waterpark frolicking by day and massive dance parties (with some of the world’s leading lez DJs) at night. 

58. Sappho Women’s Festival — September 2019

On the Greek island of Lesbos (where lesbianism gets its name), a dyke dream, once again, came true. For two weeks, women from all over the world lounged on nudist beaches, played volleyball, practiced yoga, and danced at beach bars until the sun rose. The festival turns 20 in 2020; it’s going to be a big one. 

59. Megan Rapinoe And Sue Bird’s InStyle Shoot — September 5, 2019

Fashion and fancy footwork seem to go hand in hand in the USWNT, and Megan Rapinoe definitely has both of those. She and her girlfriend, WNBA player Sue Bird, posed for an InStyle cover and spread that had lesbian heaven written all over it: matching suits, doing each other’s makeup, and they didn’t even have to leave the house to do it. What a dream.

60. dapperQ’s Incredibly Diverse Fashion Show — September 5, 2019


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dapperQ is a queer style magazine whose mission is to “ungender” fashion. At their sixth annual fashion show this year at the Brooklyn Museum — sponsored by TomboyX— their runway was graced by beautiful queer people of all shapes, skin tones, and abilities. It allowed all people to see themselves.

61. Cara Delevigne Walks In Fenty’s Fashion Show — September 10, 2019

Cara Delevigne was one of the stars who walked in Rihanna’s first Fenty fashion Show, and WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. Wow. It was really nice to look at. The way she hypnotized all those dancers is pretty much what would happen if she even sneezed in our general direction.

62. Ellen Page Says She’d Happily Play Queer Roles Forever — September 12, 2019

Far from being upset about being typecast as queer, Ellen Page would be more than happy to ONLY play queer roles, now and forever. “Why would I not want to play those roles?” she said on a panel at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Quite frankly, I would be thrilled if it’s every role I ever played again!” We stan!

63. Rumors Of A New Queer Power Couple Surface: King Princess And Quinn Wilson – September 13, 2019

Quinn Wilson, aka Lizzo’s Creative Director, and King Princess both post photos on Instagram suggesting they are dating. KP posts a day after Wilson. Wilson captions her photo “I lauv” and KP comments back “I love” while KP’s photo features Wilson kissing KP’s cheek as KP slyly stares into the camera.

64. “The L Word: Generation Q” Teases Us Again — September 19, 2019 

Showtime understood our endless need for “The L Word” content and gave us a second teaser trailer that reassured all, yes, there will still be sex in this show. In case anyone thought for a moment there might not be. This trailer was HOT, but also showcased beautiful moments of friendship. We couldn’t wait to see what shenanigans “Generation Q” would get up to. 

65. “Transparent” Musical Movie Marks The End Of The Series – September 27, 2019

What started out as a beloved Amazon series for its LGBTQ+ representation turned controversial amidst harassment claims against Jeffery Tambor, the actor who played Maura Pfefferman. The fate of “Transparent” remained unclear for over a year, but eventually, Amazon announced in lieu of another season they’d release a musical movie.

66. Tegan and Sara Release New Album: “Hey, I’m Just Like You” – September 27, 2019

The highly anticipated ninth studio album from Tegan and Sara, “Hey, I’m Just Like You,” features re-recordings from their high school days in addition to completely new music. Like usual, the duo does not disappoint. 

67. Nothing Says “Romance” Like Deadlifting — September 28, 2019

Lisa Yang and Zeena Hernandez picked up weight lifting on a date night and years later; it became a symbol of their wedding. The duo tied the knot by deadlifting over 250 pounds together — using a rainbow-colored barbell. In full bridal gowns, to boot! The two met as fitness lovers and as their relationship grew more serious, they began to spend date nights doing heavy weight lifting. They got married in September 2019, and we couldn’t be happier for the buff lovebirds.

68. Aqua Girl — October 2019

Aqua Girl celebrated its 20th birthday with one of its most lit parties yet! Thousands of women flocked to Miami’s South Beach to live their best lesbian lives — five days, poolside, surrounded by women and all for a good cause (the party is a vital fundraiser for AQUA Foundation for women, helping transform the lives of LGBTQ+ folks in South Florida). 

69. Ellen Was Caught Hanging Out With George Bush At An NFL Game – October 6, 2019

Lesbian icon Ellen DeGeneres was caught hanging out and laughing with former President George W. Bush at an NFL game. The scandal behind the pairing is that Bush and wife Laura sat next to DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi, even though the politician is notorious for his anti-LGBTQ+ record. Ellen responded that she’s happy to have friends of differing viewpoints, but the incident left many in the community confused and suspicious of the icon.

70. The Supreme Court Heard Arguments On The Legality Of LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination — October 8, 2019


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The Supreme Court heard three very major arguments this year about Title VII, a federal law that protects from employer discrimination. Their decision on the cases, which will be released in 2020, will determine whether queer and trans people are protected from discrimination in the workplace. Two of the cases pertained that the plaintiffs were fired because of discrimination based on their sexual orientation. The third case focused on a trans women who claimed discrimination based on her gender identity.

71. Supreme Court Hears First-Ever Case About Trans Rights — October 8, 2019

Of the three landmark cases on LGBTQ workplace discrimination, one of the cases was the first case about trans rights that has ever been heard by the Supreme Court. Plaintiff Aimee Stephens, a funeral director who came out as trans in 2013, accused her former employer of discriminating against her after her transition.

72. Hayley Kiyoko Announces New Album And Tour – October 11, 2019

Hayley Kiyoko announces her new album “I’m too Sensitive for this Sh*t,” along with an accompanying headlining tour, which is the first since her debut album “Expectations.” To date, she’s dropped three singles, including “I Wish,” “Demons,” and “L.O.V.E. Me.”

73. Presidential Candidates Attend LGBTQ+ Town Hall And Forum — October 12, 2019

For the first time in history, Democratic presidential candidates attended two nationally televised LGBTQ+-themed election events to discuss issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community, including anti-discrimination laws and HIV prevention. 

74. “The L Word: Generation Q” Official Trailer Released — October 24, 2019 

As an avid viewer of “The L Word,” I’m used to being teased by these sexy ladies. Of course, I’m talking about all of the teaser trailers that led up to the full-length trailer that finally graced our screens in October! The trailer showcases that “Generation Q” will have characters balance responsibility alongside laughs, love, and pride. A true reflection of our beautiful community. 

75. King Princess Releases Debut Album “Cheap Queen” – October 25, 2019 

Fresh off the release of her 2018 EP, singer-songwriter King Princess drops her debut album “Cheap Queen,” which focuses on queer emotions and visualizes her feminine drag persona as its cover art. In an interview with VICE, Princess describes “Cheap Queen” as her gay sob.

76. Year Anniversary Of Esteemed Senior Writer Zara Barrie Marrying Meghan Dziuma – October 25, 2019

Our esteemed senior writer and writer and general writer-extraordinaire Zara Barrie got married to partner Meghan Dziuma last year in one of the most gorgeous weddings we’ve ever seen! She got to live out her fantasy-land dream in so many ways, including a unicorn and mermaid at the reception. From the custom outfits on the two brides to the whimsical touches, this anniversary just had to be one of our picks for the year. Congrats again, Z!

77. Delta Restores Same-Sex Scenes On In-Flight Movies – October 27, 2019

A fan tweeted to Olivia Wilde that Delta cut the same-sex scene on the in-flight version of “Booksmart,” causing Wilde to publically express her disappointment. 

After pressure from Wilde and backlash from the LGBTQ+ community, Delta agreed to restore the same-sex scene on their flights. Upon further review, people also discovered that the same-sex scenes from “Rocketman” were censored; Delta has since restored those. 

78. Tig Notaro And Stephanie Allynne Announce Lesbian Coming-Of-Age Movie — October 29, 2019

Tig Notaro and wife Stephanie Allynne announced their upcoming film about Lauren Pomerantz, head writer of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” It seems the pair teamed up in an attempt to make the gayest movie they could! The script will examine a close friendship between two thirty-somethings after one of them sets off on a personal journey. The film reportedly will start filming in early 2020!

79. Lesbiennale — November 2019 

London’s first-ever lesbian arts festival was a ridiculously lit arrival this fall. The three-day event – erotic readings, film screenings, and a massive Boiler Room dance party – was curated by Nadine Ahmad and Naeem Davis as a celebration of the marginalized voices within lesbianism. “This is only the beginning,” promises Nadine, Lesbiannale will be bringing even more dykalicious heat in 2020. 

80. Kristen Stewart Announces Her Plans To Propose — November 6, 2019


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Kristen Stewart revealed her intentions to propose to her girlfriend, Dylan Meyer, while speaking to Howard Stern. The couple had only been together for two months, but “good things happen fast,” Stewart said. It was a bittersweet moment for lesbians everywhere — we’re now eagerly awaiting the proposal story.

81. Whitney Houston’s Best Friend And Former Lover Robyn Crawford Opens Up — November 8, 2019

Robyn Crawford’s new memoir went into detail about her relationship with Whitney Houston, which started out as a romantic one. The two were forced to stop being physical because of Houston’s burgeoning career and homophobic family, but they remained lifelong friends. Crawford’s story was a special revelation for black lesbians!

82. The Lex App — November 7, 2019

Remember the Instagram account “Personals?” Well, it got a makeover this year in the form of its own app: Lex. Based on the original social account, Lex is a text-based dating app that functions just like the personal apps for the LGBTQ+ community from back in the day. Then, once it’s posted (and it is immediately), people can like it, message you, and even visit your Instagram account n(if you opt for it to be public). It’s the queer dating app of our dreams!

83. The U.S. Election Brought A “Rainbow Wave 2.0” — November 8, 2019

After seeing a “rainbow wave” in 2018, 2019’s election day brought us “rainbow wave 2.0!” 200 openly LGBTQ+ candidates ran for positions across the country (amazing by itself!), and 99 of those candidates won their races. Because of those wins, the total LGBTQ+ elected victories was boosted to 145, and LGBTQ+ women even clenched wins in historically conservative states like Virginia.

84. Elizabeth Banks Confirms Kristen Stewart’s “Charlie’s Angels” Character Is Gay – November 14, 2019

Kristen Stewart plays Sabrina in the highly-anticipated movie “Charlie’s Angels.” After the trailer’s release a few months ago, fans speculated that K Stew’s character is gay, but Bank’s refused to label the character’s sexuality until now.

85. Valentina Sampaio Becomes First Openly Transgender Victoria’s Secret Model — November 18, 2019

Victoria’s Secret, which had previously made disparaging remarks about plus-sized and transgender models, hired Valentia Sampaio, a transgender model, to be the face of their collaboration with For Love and Lemons. This is one step forward for a company that had previously been 50 years behind.

86. Netflix Debuts Holiday Film With Queer Love Story – November 20, 2019

Netflix released a holiday film called “Let It Snow,” which features a same-sex female subplot. In the movie, a love story develops between Dorrie, a server at Wafflehouse, and Kerry when her and her friends show up to the restaurant. 

87. Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Lesbian Couple Whose Parents Refuse To Attend Their Wedding — November 21, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres did what she does best: made a stranger’s day by inviting them onto her show. This time she invited a lesbian couple who reached out for help because their parents refused to attend their wedding. DeGeneres gave them gifts and shared an emotional chat on-air, and there was even an adorable lesbian proposal involved.

88. Fire & Adrenaline Make History — November 25, 2019

LGBTQ+ couple Kiera Hogan (aka “Fire”) and Diamante (aka “Adrenaline”) made history by becoming the first LGBTQ+ couple to take home a gold together after competing in a Women of Wrestling’s Tag Team Championship Series. Both women are vocal about bringing LGBTQ+ issues into the mainstream and hope to inspire the future generation to not only be comfortable with who they are but also to be strong, stand tall and push hard to pursue your dreams. We stan these incredible wrestlers both on and off the mat!

89. A Lesbian Version Of “Queer Eye” Is In The Making — November 26, 2019

A team raised funds to create a scripted comedy called “Butch Pal for the Straight Gal” featuring five lesbian gurus, the Fierce Five. It’s the lesbian version of “Queer Eye” that queer women everywhere have been begging for for years. The project was successfully funded, and the pilot episode has already been filmed.

90. Hallmark May Incorporate Same-Sex Storylines Into Holiday Movies – November 27, 2019

Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott tells The Hollywood Reporter that the channel is “open” to adding LGBTQ+ characters in future holiday movies. In true holiday spirit, One Million Moms launches a petition to stop Hallmark from doing such a thing, claiming it would interfere with family values.

91. Santa Gifted Us A Lesbian “Love Actually” – December 1, 2019

We’re tired of holiday movies because they’re all frightfully straight. But this year, the queer Gods heard me and delivered me from heteronormativity with queer rom-com “Season of Love.” Featuring six queer women storylines (as the main plots, nonetheless!), it’s the first-ever holiday rom-com created specifically for queer women. Grab your hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket, light some candles, and get ready to watch the best holiday movie ever!

92. “The L Word: Generation Q” Premieres In Los Angeles — December 2, 2019

Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey reunited for the Los Angeles premiere of Showtime’s new reboot of “The L Word” and they looked right at home with each other! It was as if 10 years hadn’t gone by at all. The new cast of “Generation Q” also showed out. The pantsuits, oh my.

93. Jillian Mercado Added To “The L Word: Generation Q” Cast — December 2, 2019

Jillian Mercado became well-known for her modeling work in Target campaigns, Diesel jeans, and Beyoncé’s website. As a model with muscular dystrophy, she’s been celebrated for her modeling career. Now, she’s about to bring even more glamorous representation to the screen in her new role on “The L Word: Generation Q.” This role is the model’s scripted TV debut, and she’s playing Maribel Suarez, an immigration attorney and Sophie’s (Rosanny Zayas) little sister.

94. Hillary Clinton Is Not, And Has Never Been, A Lesbian — December 4, 2019

Have you ever looked at Hillary Clinton and thought, “Is this woman a lesbian?” Ever gazed upon the politician in a muted-toned pantsuit and thought, “Does this woman eat pussy?” Well, you finally have your answer: no. Talking on Howard Stern’s radio show, Clinton made sure that everyone knew she was serious about being straight. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much,” she told the host.

95. World Premiere of “The L Word: Generation Q” — December 8, 2019

For 15 years we have been waiting for more content featuring the world’s favorite lesbians and on Sunday, December 8th, we were finally reunited with girls in tight dresses who drag with mustaches. There was plenty of talking, laughing, and loving, but I don’t think I took a single breath the whole episode. 

96. Two words: Megan. Rapinoe. — December 9, 2019

 The out and proud soccer star and co-captain of the 2019 United States Women’s National Team stole our hearts after leading her team to victory at this year’s World Cup. The purple-haired badass is not only a superstar out on the soccer field; she used her platform and fame for good — advocating for women, lesbians, and other marginalized people in sports. And in December 2019, she was named Sports Illustrated’s 2019 Sportsperson of the year. 

97. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” Hits Theaters – December 9, 2019

The movie features an artist-muse, same-sex relationship with stunning cinematography and is already being dubbed one of the best queer films of the year.

98. Olivia Cruise Announces “L Word”-Themed Vacation — December 11, 2019

The cultural impact of “The L Word” cannot be overstated; the episode “Land Ahoy” brought so much business to Olivia Travel’s cruises that they are now partnering with Showtime Networks and ViacomCBS Consumer Products to offer guests a “The L Word”-themed cruise. Guests will enjoy an all-inclusive experience: dance parties, “The L Word” screenings, themed pool parties, and meet-and-greet events. This dream come true will set sail (figuratively, as the cruise will stay docked at Club Med’s oceanfront resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) May 9-16, 2020.

99. The First Known Recording Of Marsha P. Johnson And Sylvia Rivera Was Discovered – December 27, 2019

An archival researcher of the “Mayking Gay History” podcast discovered the earliest known recording of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two trans activists and pioneers of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. The audio was found in the basement of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn. The recording was from a 1970 interview of the two organizers.

100. Ashlyn Harris And Ali Krieger Got Married – December 28, 2019


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Celesbian couple Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger, both of whom play on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, got married this year! The couple was wed during a private ceremony in Miami in late December. “I think so much of our support from our family and friends have been through soccer and this is just so much more meaningful, in my opinion, to be celebrated for love and acceptance and inclusion,” Harris told People Magazine before the wedding. “That’s so major in the world we live in now.”



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