The Taurus Tea: Lez Celebrate 7 Of Our Favorite Taurean Celesbians

April and May are fabulously gay!

I’m proud to be a lesbian. I’m proud to be an over-sharing’ writer who feels the need to vomit all of my embarrassing thoughts and feelings all over the great expanse of the internet. I’m proud that despite being the most unathletic person on the planet, I, somehow managed to beat my Elementary school record in the “sit and reach” competition.

I’m also proud to be a Taurus and I’m proud to be a ~lover~ of astrology even if I don’t always buy the zodiac dogma. Whenever Taurus season bestows is flower-adorned, fragrant, spring energy upon us, I feel extra smug. I was born in the most beautiful time of the f*cking year, I’ll think to myself feeling really pleased and special.

However, I’m not the only queer babe who’s a Taurus. Taurus is actually quite a glittery gay month. Which is why I feel it vitally important to round up some of my most favorite Taurus lezzies, queer girls, bi babes, trans babes, to celebrate the beginning of le Taurus Season.

1. Kehlani, April 24th 

Amber Heard, April 22nd 

Photo by Maxim

Frenchie Davis, May 7th 

Frenchie Davis Photo by Project Publicity.

Man Fox, May 16th

Grace Jones, May 19th

Photo by Shutterstock

Gigi Gorgeous, April 20th 

Gigi Gorgeous Photo by Shea Carmen Swan

Miriam Margolyes, May 18th

Photo by shutterstock