Shelby Wolstein

Shelby Wolstein by Caleb Hearon

To Shelby Wolstein, an anticlimactic coming out is ideal. The writer, actor, and comedian says most of the heavy lifting was done by her brother, “who was so incredibly gay there was no way around it,” which made her own subtle version of queerness just seem, well, normal. “I had no idea I was queer. I was like, ‘Sure, girls are hot, but like, everyone thinks that,” she tells GO. That is, until she moved to Chicago and her queer group of friends gently informed her that no, not everyone is attracted to people of the same sex. Now the host of “Keeping Records,” a podcast where Wolstein and Caleb Hearon, her friend, roommate, and “platonic gay husband,” discuss with each episode’s guest what an updated version of the Golden Record, the 1977 Voyager documentation of human life, should contain. While the comedian is enjoying her time discussing art, media, and culture, the podcast is really plan B. “As soon as I came out, a big-time Hollywood producer approached me on the street and offered me three million dollars to produce the project of my dreams,” she says. “I told them I wanted more, and I’m still waiting to hear back.” —NT

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