Rome Subway Station Unveils Lesbian Mural

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A pixel art mural of a lesbian couple kissing has been unveiled in what is the first lesbian street art to be authorized by a public body in Italy.

The city of Rome has unveiled a street art mural of a lesbian couple kissing, the first of its kind to be authorized by an Italian public body.

The mural was created by street artist Krayon, with the collaboration of Zon Productions agency and the support of the local town hall (Municipio III) authorities. It is located outside the Metro B Jonio station in the city’s suburb. The mural contains a toll-free number for the Gay Help Line, which offers support to victims of homophobia and transphobia.

Rome unveils a mural of two women sharing a kiss in what is the first gay street art to be authorised by a public institution in Italy.

Posted by Wanted in Rome on Monday, March 1, 2021

“Before today no public institution in Italy had ever authorised murals showing a kiss between two women or two men,” stated actor Paolo Turano, on behalf of Gay Help Line. Turano said that efforts to create the mural date back eight years and that despite “favourable opinions” expressed verbally “there were always bureaucratic problems.”

The hotline, Turano further stated, is dedicated to Paolo Seganti, who was killed in a homophobic attack in 2005; the new mural is situated in the same neighborhood as a plaque commemorating Seganti.


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