Girl In A Coma and Mary Gauthier

Review of Girl In A Coma’s latest release “Both Before I’m Gone” and Mary Gauthier’s “Between Daylight and Dark”

Girl In A Coma has been compared to The Smiths, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Pixies but the San Antonio based band has a sound all their own. Formed six years ago when, at age 12, the band’s youngest member, Nina Diaz borrowed her older sister Phanie’s guitar and sang for her sister and friend Jenn Alva. She sang deep and expressive songs with a powerful voice way beyond her years. The three of them decided to form a band and named themselves in homage to The Smiths’ “Girlfriend In A Coma.” In 2006 the girls signed with Joan Jett’s record label Blackheart Records. The girls were also featured in a documentary about up and coming Latino bands.

Their debut CD, Both Before I’m Gone hit record stores this summer and is an excellent beginning. Their fast paced and angsty rock, mixed with lyrics that convey experience and wisdom beyond their years make this a solid first effort. They best song on the album may be “Road To Home,” a mid-tempo ballad that slows the punk rockers down just a bit. The video features Joan Jett and New York nightlife celebrity Amanda Lepore. Another good one is “Say” which is reminiscent of The Cliks. On this faster paced track Diaz croons, “don’t worry we’re not gonna stay too late safe was a very happy game for the lovers tonight…”

Wise beyond their years, Girl In A Coma is sure to charm the alternative and punk music loving listeners with Both Before I’m Gone.

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