Q&A with Laura Cramer

The out Instagram sensation spoke to GO about her crazy popularity and the responsibility she feels comes with her success.

If you're on Instagram and aren't following Laura Cramer (@lauracramer_), we can tell you with confidence that you're missing out. The Dutch knockout and RodeoH model joined the ‘gram a couple of years ago, and since then her androgynous beauty and unabashed tomboy style have garnered quite a few admirers. 

You have almost 70,000 followers on Instagram. How does that happen?

I really don't know! I can't say it just happened, can I? (Laughs). But it all happened so fast. I think it happened because a lot of people like the way I can be myself in a world like this. I'm not ashamed of who I am and I never really was. Also, I think people were really interested in the pictures I posted of my wife and me. So I thought when we ended our marriage two months ago I would see a big change in the amount of followers I have, but I only gained more followers. 

Props to you for becoming so successful while staying true to who you are. When did you join Instagram and was your intention to gather a large following?

Thank you so much, that's sweet! I joined Instagram, like, two years ago, and no it was never my intention. A friend showed me Instagram and told me it was fun. I was a little done with Facebook at that time so I thought why not. And what happened then, well, shit got crazy (laughs). 

Do you feel a sense of responsibility being an out, androgynously presenting person with so many people watching you?

Yes, I kind of do. There are people who message me when I haven’t posted anything in awhile with, “Please post something, you are my inspiration!” And in some reactions they thank me for my quotes under my pictures because they say they are exactly what they needed! 

That’s so awesome. You’re obviously incredibly popular. Do you consider yourself a role model and is it hard to manage the number of messages I’m sure you receive?

In many followers’ eyes I'm a role model. Because I'm so open in who I am and what I want in life. But yes, it really is. I just try my best to answer as many questions and messages I can. 

I've heard the term “celesbian” used to describe you. What do you do professionally when you aren’t in front of the camera?

I don't see myself as a “celesbian.” I know I have many followers, but I never had a really professional photoshoot. All my kind of “pro” pictures are made by Lisa van Lent, and they’re all taken in my own house. Professionally I am a chef. I really love food and how I can make edible art. 

I own some RodeoHs myself and I'm obsessed. How did you become affiliated with the brand?

I don't think it's possible to not be obsessed (laughs). They sent me a message on Instagram asking if I wanted to model for them. At first I actually thought it was not possible that they wanted me as a model. But before I knew it, there were RodeoH boxers in my mail and I was posing in front of Lisa and her camera!

Your pictures are definitely gorgeous, and you don't shy away from showcasing your sexuality. Is it important to you to be free to express yourself as you choose?

Thank you! Yes, that is absolutely important to me! Life is way too short to be or act like someone you are not. We are all beautiful in our own way. For me, I’ve known who I am since I was very young, and I have never been ashamed of myself. That is just what I want to show people because being ashamed of yourself or not coming out for who you are is a waste of time. The real you will come out. Better sooner than later, right?

Definitely. What are your plans for 2016?

Well, I am hoping to travel to America this year!


Ladies, you have been warned. 


For more of Laura, follow her on Instagram at lauracramer_.

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