Out Artists on the Rise

What do a gender-bending opera diva, an innovative guitar virtuoso and a queer electro-rap group have in common? They’re all part of our profile of 16 unique out musicians on the brink of stardom

Gizella Otterson of Gold Streets

Gold Street’s bassist, Gizella Otterson, provides titillating rolling rhythmic instruction for the rest of the band—she is not just a bassist, she is the effervescent life of the Street’s music.

“I’m a strong, melodic bassist and approach my bass unlike other bassists,” she said. “Generally, I’m filling the spot of a rhythm guitarist with my bass; I both stand out in front and help carry the music.”

Starting out in first grade with violin and continuing for the next six years, Otterson mastered her basic knowledge of music and then moved on to guitar and bass while she was in high school.

She has been an out musician since her awkward adolescent days and says that there are no real drawbacks to being who you are, only one clear benefit: “Guys never hit on me at shows,” she explained.

The band has released an energy-laced, sexy single called Red, and is currently working on a new album, which fans are undoubtedly waiting for expectantly.

Her lifestyle has never been an issue—the most important thing to her is the sound.

“The major selling point is the music I make,” she explained. “And it’s good.” For performance dates and mp3s, visit myspace.com/goldstreets.
Erin Calabrese

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