O’Donnell a Witch?

Bill Maher Gets All Witchy with Tea Party Senate Candidate

Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, once infamous for staging a campaign against masturbation, as well as her time on MTV’s show “Sex in the 90’s” is hitting the front pages, this time with her admission that she “dabbled in witchcraft”! The newest Tea Party Barby, who once compared masturbation to adultery, now seems oddly comfy frolicking with Samantha, Sabrina and Satan!

O’Donnell’s statement, made during an appearance on Bill Maher’s ‘90s hit show, Politically Incorrect, was released by Maher who states that he plans to show a clip from the show every week until O’Donnell agrees to appear on his new show, “Real Time”. Hooray for Bill Maher. Hooray for video archivists. Hooray for live mics. God bless freedom of the press.

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