Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: New Moon in Leo

Sunday’s New Moon in Leo screams at us “Are you having fun yet?!” and, if we try to cover our ears, it scoffs at us.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women | July 24, 2017

Right now, all of our energy is concentrated into ourselves. With a moon that’s just barely starting to show, we’re like a growing sprout. We don’t have any seeds to put our energies into yet. Our only mission is to grow more of ourselves and in the places that receive the most sun. Sunday’s New Moon in Leo screams at us “Are you having fun yet?!” and, if we try to cover our ears, it scoffs at us. There’s no point in being alive if we’re not having fun, Sun in Leo thinks.

So, have your fun and get over yourself. Making fun of yourself is the sign of a healthy ego.

Mercury gets to back to one of it’s two homes this Tuesday and, in it, it needs to move its hands if it’s going to learn anything. Learn a new skill, like how to make your own clothes or about some kind of metal in the world. This week, we learn best when we’re invested in our environment, not spaced outside of it.

Sun and Mars come together on Wednesday. This is the artist and the athlete. Our bodies matter, the athlete knows, and is our ultimate creative project. The artist knows that you have to invest as much energy into anything you make as you would into a child. Together, these objects are talking, through motion, about the continual and extravagant act of creating and mythologizing the self.

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at both your rising sign and sun sign! But if you don’t know your time of birth, sun sign is fine ^-^)

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♈️  Aries  ♈️

Throw yourself into a project and really combine work and play to get the most out of your time. Leisure and work are just constructs of capitalism and the key to your joy this week is to realize that there is no leisure, only consumption. Choose to create instead and fabricate the skills you need to do so. Ask for attention for what you make.

♉️  Taurus  ♉️

Choose who you love. Love is what creates a home for you and this week is a great week to communicate with a partner on comfort and how to find it. You have the opportunity of expressing what is personally important to you. Let someone know how much you care about them if you really do. Making others feel valued gives you more value.

♊️  Gemini  ♊️

There’s a lot of internal growth in store for you this week and it’s possible and no one but you can see these changes taking place. Things that you’re contemplating and imagining different possibilities about are the home and family. It’s okay to want or ask for the acceptance that you need to feel like you belong.

♋️  Cancer  ♋️

Figure out what you want to spend money on in the long term. Where do you see yourself headed and how do you make sure that you have what you need to get you there? Make it your mission to influence other people in a way that cuts deep and you will remember again and again of the ways that you matter. Value your backstory – it’s what makes you matter.

♌️  Leo  ♌️

Take a look around your home and ask yourself whether it is really where you, of all people, belong. Nobody puts you in your place but is your place somewhere you would want to be put? I mean, what does it really say about you? Who do you accept into your life? Bring some people home, maybe, and let them affect your insides.

♍️  Virgo  ♍️

You’re ready to craft something that is really intense. Whatever it is you do, you’re ready to use all the desire to create something that you’ve accumulated since forever and put it into affect. You’re learning right now about a subconscious need to be accepted. If you really want attention, unleash what you create, don’t hoard it. Represent yourself genuinely.

♎️  Libra  ♎️

The theme of this week for you, Libra, is self acceptance. This is the only way you can grow the ways that you are accepted in the world. First, fantasize about who you’d like to be. Then, be this person. Next, validate yourself for being this person. Demand the attention you want from those around you by playing with other people.

♏️  Scorpio  ♏️

Create a personal mythology around your representation that honors your past. Part of what you’re learning to do is the everyday practice of birthing yourself and creating a you from scratch that never existed before. If something takes off in your career, play with it a little. Work is self creation, which is fun, fun, and fun.

♐️  Sagittarius  ♐️

Whether the trip you go on is a mental, actual, or drug induced one, you’re bound to pick up some startling realizations about how you limit yourself through what you have come to expect from the world. Retain some flexibility over what you call objective. If the idea of control frightens you, confront it and let yourself have control over some things so you can be free.

♑️  Capricorn  ♑️

In intimacy and friendship, what does social accountability mean for you? How do you develop friendship in your very close relationships, even with your family? How do you have intimacy with the strangers you strike up a conversation with once and never see again? And what kind of impact do you want to ultimately have on others?

♒️  Aquarius  ♒️

You’re finally ready to let yourself get a little loose and have fun with someone else. Maybe someone special will enter your life or you will develop relationships that are important to you. Make the people in your life feel treasured and demand the same treatment back. You’re a citizen of the world but want a royal treatment for just a little while.

♓️  Pisces  ♓️

Being more present in the world and noticing different things to change your experience of the world is what you’re all about right now. Really paying attention to someone else, being immersed in the art of interaction, will give you something that you can’t imagine before you do it. Get out of your head and open your eyes to the lives of others.

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