Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Lunar Eclipse

The Leo sun begs to shed light, to claim attention while the reflecting moon distantly observes in Aquarius.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women | August 7, 2017

This Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, August 7th, asks us to be genuine. During a Lunar Eclipse, we see Earth’s shadow and the dark side of any object is what remains unacknowledged. The Leo sun begs to shed light, to claim attention while the reflecting moon distantly observes in Aquarius. Color is a phenomenon of light in our world but, during this celestial incident, shadow is what creates a spectrum. The narrative of living life gets colored by what is hidden. Because this is the Earth’s shadow on the surface of the moon, the present complicates the past.

Because the axis activated is between Leo and Aquarius, the questions that this eclipse open up are, “what does it mean to show yourself to someone? To witness another? And how can these two things manifest as the same event?”

On Saturday, August 12th, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo. Around the time of Mercury first going retrograde, communication related issues will be more intense than even the time of the actual retrograde. This is because Mercury is not moving around this time and stressing one point in the entire mandala. The point that Mercury stresses this week is about succession and heritage. What has ownership over you, by nature of carving out your body, and how can your ancestry become a story of liberation? Because this is Mercury retrograde, any false pretenses we have about where we come from will be dismissed and any patterns we have with our bodies that lead us into illness will come into scrutiny.

Lunar eclipse Photo by Shutterstock

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries  ♈️

What do you crave in terms of acknowledgement and who do you acknowledge, Aries? If these two principles are ill balanced, take some care of recalibrating this relationship. You gain the most support when the things that you are doing support those around you. Unload your generosity to create entanglements of love, appreciation, and inspiration in your life.

♉️  Taurus  ♉️

What support do you crave from others and what support do you offer back? There may be familial pressures of being a golden child or smothered in attention at play as you make your own way in the world. This week asks you to make sense of things as you exist between poles of caring and uncaring.

♊️  Gemini  ♊️

Most of your grievances at the moment are institutional and you just can’t talk your way out of it, Gemini, because you’re constantly being told that you’re not speaking the right language for the context. Wrap your head around the complexity of your situation. Ideas are knots, entangled when you become committed to them. There will come the time to jump out of the Tower of Babel.

♋️  Cancer  ♋️

You’re so afraid of being used that you’re going to fill yourself up with dirty fantasies about it. Find comfort in discomfort by making use of yourself. Figure out what you are good for and feel good about exercising those things over and over again. Your experience with groups has you giving the cold shoulder while still craving love. Let yourself be both apathetic and infatuated.

♌️  Leo  ♌️

What do you honestly need from other people? You’re the sun, Leo, and you don’t really need others to be yourself. You do need them, however, to be the center of a solar system. Figure out how affirmation and demonstration are fundamentally opposed and, as an exercise, imagine a situation in which you face someone and another in which you stand with that person.

♍️  Virgo  ♍️

Fantasy can’t exist without reality but reality does not exist within fantasy. Imagine different potentials for your daily affairs. You’re right between what can be put into practice and what can never be seen except by your mind’s eye. This involves any stories that you’re telling, even the one about what kind of life you are living.

♎️  Libra  ♎️

All this time that you look for inspiration from those around you, wanting to be around the best and brightest individuals you could lay eyes on, it’s quite possible that you are the best inspiration around, Libra. People see you and, no matter what it is you do, you are making an example of yourself. What do you want to demonstrate?

♏️  Scorpio  ♏️

Your representation is a demonstrative part of life and, in order for all this theatricality to exist, you need to feel deeply validated about what it is you are showing to the world. What gives you courage and takes it away? And against what parts of your family did your individual strength have to be developed?

♐️  Sagittarius  ♐️

Your purpose for living can be undergoing a revamping process right now and you’re likely to experience that in terms of what you feel like you can do or can’t do. It’s the routine things that describe your life, finally. How much of your daily life is pre-decided by your upbringing? Do you echo your mother in your choices at the supermarket? How does that feed you?

♑️  Capricorn  ♑️

Your fears, Capricorn, deal with being entirely consumed. Committed relationships are like playing with fire for you. How many parts of yourself can you stand to see submerged in another before you’ve gotten the validation you need? You’re in a constant cycle of exchange in all your relationships. Take time to talk about all of them.

♒️  Aquarius  ♒️

Who do you revolve around and what do you really think about those people? You may be guilty of devoting your time in its entirety to someone you really couldn’t give a shit about, Aquarius. If this is the case, then you’re really looking for stability in a mirror. If you’re hanging out with people you like to lovingly call “assholes”, consider that you’re really calling yourself an asshole and whether that’s really said in love.

♓️  Pisces  ♓️

Figuring out reality is a challenge when everything is elusive. As an exercise, create a dictionary definition of the things you let go of because you feel that you can’t describe then. Make an encyclopedia entry for your life. You have the framework for the thing already, Pisces. Just go ahead and make or do or ask for the thing already.

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