March is Women’s History Month

Events throughout the country celebrate the impact of women on American history

This month we are reminded to honor and celebrate the impact women have had throughout history. In 1911, Europe declared March 8 as International Women’s Day. In 1978 the Sonoma County Commission on the Rights of Women declared the week of March 8 Women’s History Week in California. Public response was so positive that Congress declared a National Women’s History Week three years later, which was expanded to a month in 1987. We have a lot to distract us, but we shouldn’t forget how and why this month came to be and recognize the contributions we have made to society. It’s important to note that women are being hit hardest by this economic crisis both domestically and globally. There are higher numbers of women in minimum wage jobs, more women holding sub-prime mortgages, and more women counted among the poor of developing nations. Get out there, learn about and support woman-owned businesses and funds that help women get educated and economically independent (Global Fund for Women and Women’s Funding Network are a couple). Women’s History Month programs are being held all over the country. Attend a seminar, read a book, talk about women you admire in the past and present, especially with kids or young adults you may know. There’s no better time to celebrate the achievements of the fairer sex.

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