Katherine V. Forrest

Katherine Forrest started writing her first book after turning 40, but she’s gone on to write 15 and counting. She felt it important to write because when she
was younger, “Lesbian fiction saved my life. The
novels of Ann Bannon at age 18 told me I was not alone. They gave me my first sense of community—and showed me that it was actually possible to be a
lesbian writer.”

Her debut novel, Curious Wine, published in 1983,
tells the story of two women who fall in love and choose to be with one another despite having “easier options” of a more conventional life. “It’s as popular today as it’s ever been,” says Forrest. “Nothing makes me happier than to have some young lesbian tell me it’s the first lesbian novel she read.”

Forrest’s written numerous mystery novels featuring LAPD homicide detective and ex-Marine Kate Delafield. She’s also the author of Coral Dawn, a feminist-lesbian utopian trilogy. She has won several Lambda awards and her stories, articles and reviews, and she’s now the Board President of the Lambda Literary Foundation, after serving as senior editor at Naiad Press for 10 years. Forrest continues to edit and teach fiction classes because she says she loves working with emerging writers in the LGBT community.

“I stand on the shoulders of all the courageous lesbian writers who came before me,” says Forrest. “Lesbian fiction is no less important today because it gives us images of ourselves in print and reflects back to us the worthiness of our community and our lives.” –RD