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Executive Director, Basic Rights Oregon and Basic Rights Education Fund

Growing up in rural Eastern Washington, Jeana Frazzini experienced first-hand the confusion, fear and isolation that LGBT people face in unsafe environments. Today, she’s leading Basic Rights Oregon’s efforts to build a broad and inclusive movement, shift public opinion, and achieve policy victories so that all LGBT Oregonians experience equality. Frazzini and the organization have propelled the Oregon legislature to pass some of the most comprehensive non-discrimination laws, domestic partnership protections and anti-bullying policies in the country. She also led the group in winning trans-inclusive health care policies in Oregon’s largest city and county and contributing as an ally to defeat anti-immigrant ballot measures in a rural Oregon county. And, under Frazzini, Basic Rights Oregon has doubled its budget, trained thousands of volunteers, and built a more powerful coalition with other equality-minded organizations. “I love how our work creates the space for people to bring all of who they are to the movement and to be their best selves. The thing I find most rewarding is supporting and empowering people to raise their voices, improve their communities, and connect with people from all kinds of backgrounds,” she says. I love seeing people become leaders in a movement that is making a tremendous difference. And I love working at a place where all of that happens every single day.

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