Captivating Couples 2011

They met online, in grad school and even at an adoption center. Their love stories quell the naysayers and show us all that it can happen. Quit mooning over your exes and be inspired!

(And they’re in no particular order ‘cause we’re captivated by them all!)

Nicole & Marina

Los Angeles, CA

Nicole, 51, writer/director

Marina, 55, producer

A tale of two filmmakers: with the number-one DVD on Amazon’s current gay and lesbian list, Nicole and Marina found success behind the camera—and in love. As the proprietors of Soul Kiss Films, they stay busy producing films for and by women. The pair lives in Los Angeles with their six children, one of whom is the subject of Nicole’s 12-time award-winning documentary Little Man. While Nicole has been out since her early 20s, Marina thought she was straight until three years ago—when she met and fell in love with Nicole, a story they turned into the forthcoming film Elena Undone. Each was looking to expand their separate families when they met at an adoption orientation. “We both now believe in the term ‘soul mates,’” they say. Look for their next project, A Perfect Ending, which is now in production. (We think it’s an appropriate title.)

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