Juanita Erb

Juanita Erb by Debbie-jean Lemonte

As the current Clinical Research Operations and Nurse Manager at the NYU Langone Vaccine Center, Juanita Erb leads community engagement and oversees COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, including the most recent Pfizer and AstraZeneca clinical trials in the United States. “In my most recent leadership role, I oversee a team of MDs, Nurse Practitioners, Research RNs, Research Coordinators, and Data Associates, helping to find solutions to COVID-19,” she tells GO. “The most rewarding aspect so far has been seeing individuals all over the world posting on social media that they received their vaccines and have been able to connect with their loved ones again. But, there is still work to be done with turning vaccines into vaccinations, and ensuring that all people who want and need the vaccine have access to it. This is why I am so proud to spearhead community engagement at our center, in addition to managing our clinical trials.” In addition to her decade’s worth of research work, Erb writes about LGBTQ+ identity in Huffington Post, and has been a featured speaker at the New York Department of Mental Health & Hygiene Women’s Health Activism Summit, South by Southwest, and more. As a current member of NYC Pride’s advisory council, Erb is proud to be an LGBTQ+ individual in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and strongly encourages more of the community to get involved. “Society discourages BIPOC and SOGI minorities from pursuing interest in STEM; if you have an interest, do not doubt yourself,” says Erb. “For many years, I grew up believing society’s expectations that I, as a queer Black femme, could not be good at science, math, or leadership. Turns out, I proved them all wrong!” —IL

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