Jean Chou

Jean Chou by Jill Lotenberg

“When I started my law practice, I was in my 20s, DOMA was still in effect, and I was uncertain if clients would be open to working with a young, gay, female minority,” says Jean Chou. “I was very selective with who I came out to and skirted questions around my relationship status in professional settings.” Now, Chou doesn’t mind being out. If anything, it makes her a more empathetic leader. She is the principal attorney of JLC & Associates, a NYC law firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions. She also works as a volunteer with New Women New Yorkers and as pro bono counsel to GLAAD and The City Bar Justice Center’s Homeowner Stability Project. Chou can often be seen speaking at real estate events about new developments, market fluctuations, and risk mitigation strategies. Her work requires dipping into many buckets, but Chou is happy to help so many clients navigate critical junctions in their lives. “The most rewarding aspect of my work is experiencing the gratitude from my clients during some of the most momentous times of their lives,” she tells GO. “With real estate, I am often involved in milestone events, like marriages, babies and even divorces and death. Each of these life milestones, whether joyous or sad, is a very human experience. I feel lucky to be a small part of someone else’s life, whether it’s to help navigate them into a new home or provide closure for settling an old one.” —IL

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