Here Is How You Can Support Victims Of Hurricane Dorian

Here’s how you can help.

The Bahamas have been decimated. Bahamians have endured and continued to endure conditions we can’t begin to fathom under Hurricane Dorian. It’s heartening to see the cruise lines step up and do their part toward relief and rebuilding efforts. We should all do anything we can. GO Magazine is donating to There are also many other legitimate, monitored and effective agencies and organizations doing all they can. Do your research and pick one you trust.

Global Giving created a Hurrican Dorian Relief Fund to provide long-term aid and emergency supplies to those affected by the natural disaster.

Team Rubicon is currently in the Bahamas. They are an organization of military veterans who provide disaster relief.

The Red Cross has over 200 volunteers in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, but they also take donations of money and supplies. According to Stephen McAndrew, the deputy director for the Americas of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, food, water, shelter, medicine, and communications are of the most urgent need.

Set up by chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen provides food after natural disasters to those affected. There is currently a relief team in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, and they have begun to identify kitchens they can take over to help.

Yacht Aid Global set up “Operation Topaz,” a relief operation to bring emergency supplies like food, hygiene kits, medicine, and tarps to the Abaco Islands. They coordinate with yachts in the region to bring support.

HeadKnowles is another good option. It’s a Bahamian organization that organized relief efforts during both Hurricane Matthew and Hurrican Joaquin.

Waterkeeper Alliance is a charity that works with local partners to preserve water-based ecosystems and fight for clean water. On behalf of its affiliate in Grand Bahama, Save the Bays, the organization is taking donations. Search “Bahamas” on the donation site.

Finally, the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation was set up by the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the municipal authority for the main city on the island. The website has suggestions on how to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian, including locations in the United States where donors can drop off supplies.

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