Horoscopes: Winter 2013

The Latest Rage In Celestial Reasonings

As we end 2013 and begin a new year, we’re afforded a valuable opportunity–not only to make new commitments and set goals for the future, but also to review the last 12 months and take stock of what we’ve accomplished. If you’ve been expecting different results from a decision you made this year, now’s an excellent time to think about how to function a little bit differently moving forward.

CAPRICORN • Dec 22–Jan 19 Stick to your guns, Capricorn. If you’re not able to get the results you want, don’t let anything deter you. If someone isn’t coming around to your point of view, make them! Don’t compromise on anything! You are the expert on what you need, so don’t bother taking anyone’s feedback to heart. A contradictory opinion couldn’t possibly have anything worthwhile to say. Or could it?

AQUARIUS • Jan 20–Feb 18 Stay busy, Aquarius. There’s a big, scary uncertainty that’s been looming since late November. I’m not advocating ignoring it entirely—just simply distracting yourself for the time being by focusing on what you can do right now. Work on where you can affect change, and don’t worry (for now) about what you can’t yet change.

PISCES • Feb 19–March 20 You can’t rely on what worked in the past to keep working in the future, Pisces. But you can look to your track record for some encouragement in tackling this newest challenge. It may take some creative thinking. Then again, you’ve dealt with much scarier circumstances in the past, so you’ll come up with the solution this time, too.

ARIES • March 21–April 19 Sometimes it’s not much fun being the life of the party. There’s a crucial difference between being famous and infamous, Aries. You want to be admired for the right reasons, not as the punchline of a joke. A little discretion amidst the furor of the holiday season goes a long way.

TAURUS • April 20–May 20 You don’t have to fully abandon your personal philosophies, Taurus. Your consistent, stable and patient way of moving through the world has served you pretty well so far, and there’s no reason to mess with a good thing. However, as the New Year approaches, you’ll have to act with uncharacteristic speed. Try to cultivate a little itchier trigger finger this month.

GEMINI • May 21–June 20 Good riddance to bad rubbish, Gemini! The New Year is an excellent time to make a giveaway pile. You may be clinging to old clothes, obsolete ideas and false friends for sentimental reasons. Take out the trash, and make room for new treasures. Upgrading your life starts with letting go.

CANCER • June 21–July 22 Don’t sell yourself short, Cancer. If you’re looking for a one-night stand instead of a marriage proposal, so be it. But just because someone flatters you, doesn’t mean you have to go out with them. Let the accolades you’re so rightly getting clue you into your self-worth. You’re a diamond, so stop acting like you don’t know it.

LEO • July 23–August 22 Everybody loves a lover, Leo. Sometimes during the long, cold, dark nights of winter, it takes a special type of person to get the party started. If you act like you’re having fun, then everyone else will have fun. Once everyone else is having fun, you’ll start having fun yourself. Get the party started, because someone has to!

VIRGO • Aug 23–Sept 22 Keep your nose to the grindstone, Virgo. You may be tempted to hibernate, overindulge, neglect your responsibilities and join loved ones at their endless parties. Don’t blow it! You know that you have your work cut out for you, and that the only way to get what you want is to stay vigilant and focused for just a little while longer. You’re almost there!

LIBRA • Sept 23–Oct 22 It’s fine to keep an open mind, Libra, because you never know where inspiration will come from. At the same time, stay true to yourself. Being open to new ideas and experiences does not mean you have to totally give up on the things that make you feel safe and sane. A little routine can be nourishing, too.

SCORPIO • Oct 23–Nov 21 There’s nothing sweeter than having the last laugh, Scorpio, and you’ve certainly earned it. You were right all along, and the people who doubted you as recently as last month are starting to come around. Just try to be gracious and next time they’ll be more apt to take your word for it from the start.

SAGITTARIUS • Nov 22–Dec 21 If you’re feeling like no one’s helping you, it’s not for lack of friends, Sagittarius. You’re more than popular enough to find yourself surrounded by people who want the best for you. The trick is learning to ask respectfully and clearly for some support. If you can patiently articulate your needs, you may be surprised at just how much support has been hidden in plain view.

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