Horoscopes For Queer Women: Your Charm Isn’t Working

Plan psychic self care for this day and look forward to it all week.

Horoscopes For Queer Women: Your Charm Isn’t Working

Prepare for Saturday this week. Charm doesn’t get us anywhere all week and we have no choice but to be our raw, unfiltered selves. Rather than receiving anything, this week we must create something. On Saturday, Mars enters Capricorn on the New Moon in Pisces. Remember the slowing of time this past January? Now, for the next two months, it’s time to learn how to use slow time to get more productive. The last time Mars and Saturn were conjunct was the summer of 2016. Now, it’s time to make another big decision, this one less experimental and more organized. Mars is in its place of exaltation this week and it gets things done, sometimes even ruthlessly.

Because we’re gearing up for the New Moon, expect to end up with the feeling of a final lesson (which is always actually very ephemeral), whether it’s about life, love, or health. Enjoy the roundedness of this moment.

Sunday gives us Sun conjunct Chiron. Plan psychic self care for this day and look forward to it all week. Nourish your imagination with a good book or write a fan-fiction that has been obsessing you for some time now. Giving yourself time to do these things Sunday will give you the self esteem needed to dream.

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What decision do you have to make about your future? Time to put your energy where your mouth is. Prepare for the tests that you have to get through. This time will feel like boot camp for you. Prepare for it by making space around your ambition. Clear away things that distract you so you can get down to business. Listen to “Be A Man” from Mulan.


Your principles are exactly what you need right now, those things that no one else can take away from you through judgment because they’re building blocks of your perspective. Learn to tell a cinder block from a building block right now, Taurus. One, stacked in multitudes, gives you the chance to see things beyond your scope and the other keeps you trapped in one place.


Your relationships are all about rigor right now. What keeps a relationship in place, working the way it does? It’s time to butt heads with the power dynamic that creates trust. You can’t risk falling into dependency now. Conflicts with intimate partners in life will startle you into an important frame of mind. Treasure this.


You’re getting a boost in terms of social energy this week. You want to see other people who interest you and you’re interesting to other people. It’s been a while since you were excited by others and this feels like a breath of relief. Choose people to see and get to know those you don’t. Have fun.


Prioritize exercise this week. You have a lot of energy to get out of your system. However, realize that any excess energy that makes you physically unhappy may point to things you have to consciously choose to change in your life. Change your diet and sleeping habits and you’ll change your nature of existence. Feel passion for taking care of your body.


Make a decision about self expression. Are there times during which you find it impossible to say “no”? Times when you want to tell someone off and can’t find it in you to make a sound? This harms your ability to say “yes” and your ability to voice support of people. Find a way to express the contents of your discontent.


Something rocks the base of your emotional foundation. Make a decision about your home, about how you live and where you live. Living is the stuff that produces matter, Libra, and you’ve got to settle somewhere once in a while to do it. Love the things you fill your space with or make the changes you need to make.


This is a time for writing. You may need some privacy to do this, an imagined room of your own inside your brain, where you can wonder at everything else in peace without hurry. Your words are biting and you need to keep a pen and paper on you to jot things down quick. Productivity is heightened for you.


Make a decision about your values and money in the next two months. Imagine this: if you quit your job and moved to a farm to sell strawberries, people might scratch their heads and wonder why but you’ll keep closer to your own values. This is what happens this month – by forgetting the expectations of others you can live authentically again.


Feel spontaneous, feel edgy, and feel high on natural energy. You’ve got a lot going on just within your own mental and emotional space this week. The next two months is a time that changes a lot of who you think you are and what you have in your control. Do things for yourself and by yourself. Remember to masturbate.


It’s time for subconscious locks to get in your way so that their out in the open where you can face them. Whether it’s nostrums you’ve learned from before you knew how to talk back about respectability or gender, these things you thought you forgot but have been a part of you all this time are ready to be confronted. Talk to yourself and talk back.


Look up old movie stars and imagine yourself in their worlds. Things from another time, whether that’s the past or future, come to you and open your eyes these next two months. They might change what you imagine for your future because they change how you think of time, what deserves importance, and how significance fools everyone.

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