Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Individual Crisis

This First Quarter Moon is always the first monthly crisis – the individual crisis.

Weekly Horoscope for Queer Women | May 29, 2017

This First Quarter Moon is always the first monthly crisis – the individual crisis. Think of it as zero hour for whatever intentions you set on the New Moon. During this moon, we ask ourselves “What can I do?” and “What is my position?”. This is the time to get in touch with our own subjective reasoning and to deconstruct our positions relative to the whole. With the quarter moon being in Virgo, we really want to analyze our thoughts and community right now. Be a little critical with the intention to improve and serve.

A Kite formation highlights Mars in Gemini – the other planets involved mean that our social definitions are creating an identity for us reliant on outer systems of communication. At the same time, a Grand Cross creates an opportunity for pain. Chiron in Pisces and the Virgo Moon asks us to recognize that all pain is communal and to heal ourselves by healing other people.

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A good question to ask yourself this week is what your individual voice is and how that voice is narrating the tales of your everyday adventures. Are you talking to yourself everyday like JK Rowling, Sylvia Plath, or Fran Lebowitz? Ask yourself how this voice affects what decisions you make and how you experience the company of others.


If you’re frustrated that your creativity is not bringing you money this week, don’t obsess over how you’re putting value into it but how you communicate it to others. You might make the most beautiful clothes for yourself but won’t be able to earn a single dollar for it if you don’t tell your friends about what amazing things you’re doing.. Find some way of documenting your projects and spreading the word.


Clean your room this week. After you clean it, throw all the stuff you don’t need anymore out. Then look around and figure out what kind of person lives in a room like this. Is it a person you like or someone who is like you at all? If you feel unsatisfied about how your room makes you feel, make any changes you can.


Have a conversation with yourself this week. In this conversation, ask yourself what kinds of dreams you have and what is holding you back. If you live with a sense of fear, your actions will reflect only self doubt and deception. Don’t let doubt guide your life or you’ll regret it sooner or later. Make your dreams bigger so you can account for the failure that is a part of life and still get somewhere.


Money and work are linked for you because your value is determined by how you can serve. This is why it is always at odds with your dreams. Ask yourself to re-budget the pragmatic part of your vision this week, Leo. What are the costs going in and coming out? What kind of impact does it have on those who witness it?


What does your identity have to do with your position in society? This is a loaded question ready to blow. Reassert about what you have control over this week. Do you approve of the way that you see yourself or are you going to let this, the one thing that is your jurisdiction alone, decided by others? You’ll learn respect by first respecting yourself.


Are you too critical of other people? Make sure that your criticality is in your control so that it is serving someone and not itself. Being overly critical is a symptom that you’re not on good terms with your own anxiety. Think about the role of embarrassment and perfection in your life. Don’t produce minefield conversations where the speaking is done to avoid an issue rather than engage.


Community and friends matter most to you this week. Make sure that you’re caring about what you want to care about. Who do you feel close with and why? Those who know you deeply or those who you haven’t gotten to know well enough to have betrayed you? Consider the role of pain within love to discover forgiveness.


If you do not behave yourself, someone may call you out. Consider what the role of complaint is in keeping a society together. This is a social time for you and you might be tempted to do something risky. Since Saturn is still in your sign, you might want to get a Capricorn friend’s take before you decide to step out of line – sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes not, but you’ll grow from it either way.


You want your voice heard at work. If you aren’t able to be heard, you’ll adopt a rather sour view of your environment. If you find yourself fighting with someone at work, don’t break a sweat. It’s necessary to assert yourself professionally right now. If a Sagittarius friend seems in need of some talking down, let them talk you into something at the same time.


Find a chance to find some intimacy in your life. Share some secrets, jokes, and tears. Romance and intimacy are themes for you if you’re engaging with these energies on a social plane. If you’re not up for that right now, than exploring your traumas in a directed and creative way is more rewarding for you right now.


Are the people you live with giving you a headache or smile right now? Sometimes both? Your housemates will always be a blend of loving, annoying, funny, and angry. Make sure that no one treats you abusively at home because it is the place where you rest your heart. Standards of cleaning and who does the most cleaning might be issues right now. Make sure no one takes up all the space.

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