GO Proudly Presents 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2020

Vivienne Ming

Photo by Scott R. Kline.

Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscience, entrepreneur, author, mother, and wife. She co-founded Socos Labs — her fifth company — with her wife, Dr. Norma Ming, as a “mad science incubator” dedicated to providing solutions for some of the world’s modern and pressing issues. While it may not be easy work, Ming says that exploring how everyone from educators to policymakers can change the outcomes of the lives they touch is rewarding. “These are messy, complex human problems: inclusion, health, inequality,” Ming says. “It’s immensely rewarding to both discover a new understanding that might change a life and then share stories of our adventures in mad science to change so many more.” Ming’s career extends outside of Socos Lab and encompasses a variety of scientific fields, from cybernetics to neurodiversity. Independently, she uses AI systems to research and create solutions for health issues like diabetes and to predict manic episodes in those with bipolar disorder — research that allows her to use her knowledge for the greater good. “I have learned one single truth: If you want to lead an amazing life, give it to someone else,” she says. “Across all of these domains, my only interest is, ‘Are we better people in the end?’ Understanding how our lives, brains, and biology interact to make us different should be a celebration rather than a diagnosis.” —GP

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