Gayle on Ongoing Gay Gab: ‘We’re Just Friends!’

Oprah Winfrey’s BFF, Gayle King, spoke out about lesbian rumors in an interview with USA Today.

Oprah and Gayle: Are they or aren’t they? A question forever gnawing at the minds of concerned daytime television junkies, people who like national book clubs (and the occasional Oprah v. Wayward Writer smackdown), and readers of magazines on which the publication’s owner is pictorally featured every month. The other leader of the free world, Oprah Winfrey, and her “very best friend” since forever ago [Editor in Chief of O magazine] Gayle King, have been struggling for years to snuff out rumors that the two do more than just talk on all those vacations they jet off to together.

Recently on a Barbara Walters special, Winfrey emphatically reiterated her assertion that she and King are NOT lesbians. Now, in an interview with USA Today, King speaks out on the gossip that just won’t go away, admitting that in the past she felt angered by the gay gab, but mostly because it implied she and Oprah would attempt to hide their sexual orientation if they were, in fact, lesbians.

“It used to bother me, and now I say, ‘OK, if people believe it, there’s nothing we can do to change their minds’,” King said.

“Oprah has been so outspoken and I have about my dating life, my desire to have a significant other, that it’s just silly that we would deny or hide that because it implies something is wrong… That’s what bothers me more than anything. There’s nothing wrong,” she continued.

Still skeptical? Well, Rosie O’Donnell, who we presume possesses pretty good gaydar, put in her two cents on the issue earlier this month, insisting Oprah and Gayle remain just gal pals. Either way, we applaud Oprah and Gayle for stating what should be obvious to everyone yet still seems to elude an unaccepting minority: Gay is OK!


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