Gay? Stay Away From Jury Duty, Some Say

A New York man was excused from jury duty last week after he said because he was gay and a second-class citizen he could not serve impartially

An openly gay New York man was excused from jury duty last week because he said that lack of equality makes him a second class citizen and prevents him from serving on a jury impartially, according to the Village Voice’s Michael Musto.

Actor/singer/dancer/model Jonathan D. Lovitz, who stars in Logo’s upcoming series Setup Squad, was part of a pool of prospective jurors who were asked whether they could be impartial.

“I raised my hand and said, ‘Since I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can’t possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class citizen in the eyes of the justice system,’” Lovitz said afterward.

Apparently, Lovitz’s statement provoked a significant reaction from those who witnessed it, and it resulted in his excusal from jury duty.

Some New York LGBT advocates are praising Lovitz’s “jury blocking” and encouraging others to do the same.

“It’s a way to get off a case and make a pungent political statement at the same time,” said Musto.


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