Eighth Grader Arrested For Threatening To Shoot LGBTQ People

13-year-old Adam Calvo said he planned to kill LGBTQ students and other minorities.

An eighth grade boy in Miami, Florida has been arrested after making violent threats in a group chat, NewNowNext reports.

Adam Calvo, 13, attends Leewood K-8 in Southwest Miami-Dade. Police say that he specifically mentioned LGBTQ people in his threats.

“I don’t care if you are oppressed because we all have our problems,” Calvo wrote. “Wanna hear what is oppressed? My shot gun ammo because I am wasting it on minorities like you. Do you think I won’t hesitate to shoot you? Well guess what buddy, I wouldn’t.”

Calvo added, “I am on my way to murder you … I hate not only you and your ‘LGBT community’ but I also hate your ‘blacklivesmatter’ because, guess what, white lives matter too.” He also wrote that he knew his threats would be taken seriously because he is a “straight white male.”

A member of the group chat reported the incident to authorities and school administrators, who quickly took action. Calvo was arrested, and parents were notified by robocall of the incident. Miami-Dade County Public Schools officials later deemed the threat non-credible. Calvo’s grandfather says that there are no guns in the house.

Calvo reportedly claimed that he had copied and pasted the messages from somewhere, but did not mention where. He appeared in court last week, and he’s scheduled for another hearing on October 3.


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