The Dish: “Transparent,” “Moonlight” & “Black Mirror” Win at This Year’s GLAAD Media Awards

Let’s hear it for the freakin’ weekend!

It’s Friday! Let’s get psyched. Maybe watching Peaches live at Massey Hall will help.

In case you missed the GLAAD Media Awards on Logo last night, here’s a list of this year’s winners, including “Moonlight” (Outstanding Film – Wide Release), “Transparent” (Outstanding Comedy Series), the “San Junipero” episode of “Black Mirror” (Outstanding Individual Episode), and a special recognition of the incredible web series “Her Story.” Here’s out GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis addressing the crowd and reiterating the importance of the organization and LGBTQ visibility.

In some really fucked up news, a 30-year-old man allegedly sexually assaulted an 18-year-old lesbian (who also has Autism) during a party.

This story at The Huffington Post will make you think about fostering or adopting a child. Also: consider these 7 things before having a baby with your partner.

School officials in Trenton, NJ are looking to protect bullied students by not automatically outing them to their parents when offering details on any incidents that might surround their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s fantastic they are being conscious of these things.

There’s some lesbianing going on on “Britain’s Next Top Model.” Models: They’re gay as hell around the globe.

Out musician Carole Pope talks with The Toronto Star about Music for Lesbians: “It’s basically just a showcase of women artists and trans artists to show our perspective. It’s all about the female gaze.”

New comic “Kim Reaper” has a bisexual character named Becka, and creator Sarah Graley talked with Bleeding Cool about why she made sure to be inclusive:

“I would like more LGBT representation in media, so the stories I write tend to reflect this! Becka is bisexual and that was a conscious decision. As a bisexual woman myself, I’ve noticed that it feels rare to see bisexual characters in stories in comics and on TV, so it’s great to be able to include bisexual characters in my published work.”

Speaking of queer comics, “Bingo Love” sounds like a must-read.

I don’t know that this headline is the best, but here are some musings on why identifying as bisexual, pan or queer can be difficult at times.

In some tragic news, 28-year-old lesbian Nonki Smous was found burnt to death in the South African city of Kroonstad, but police refuse to consider it a hate crime.

A lesbian mom in Washington feels her sexual orientation was brought up only to be used against her in a custody case against her ex-husband. The details of the case (including how authorities were adamant about focusing on her being gay for some GD reason) are infuriating. Oh, and BTW, a therapist found her kids are pretty cool with their mom living her best life.

Alison Bechdel is going to be part of a speaker’s series in Cleveland, OH on April 20th. Get your tickets!

If you’re into the Bloomsbury Group and all of its queer incestuousness, then you’ll enjoy this piece at The Conversation.

Racked profiles Wildfang and praises the queer-owned company’s strong feminist vibes.

An inspiring TED talk from queer Bahraini activist Esra’a on “speaking out to build community and empathy within the LGBTQ community,” even when it puts your life in danger.

This Slate piece on why out HBIC Jenna Lyons leaving J. Crew is such big news is spot on.

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