The Dish: “Stranger Things” Star Shannon Purser Comes Out, Broadway Gets “Indecent” With New Lesbian Play

Barb is bi!

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Playwright Paula Vogel (the first lesbian to ever win a Pulitzer Prize) has a new play on Broadway, and it’s getting rave reviews. “Indecent” is based on Sholem Asch’s 1907 “Got fun Nekome (God of Vengeance)” and, according to The Daily Beast, “examines and extrapolates from the original iteration of Asch’s play—94 years after “God of Vengeance” premiered on Broadway at the Apollo Theater—and what made it so controversial: a lesbian kiss decried as indecent at the time.” “Indecent” is much more explicitly queer, and oh so relevant with themes of free expression, free will, and any freedom women are allowed at all. This one is definitely worth seeing.

Speaking of “worth seeing,” “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85” is opening at the Brooklyn Museum on April 21, and will feature many works by queer Black artists, including some out of the Combahee River Collective. The CRC was a Black lesbian feminist collective active from 1974-1980 and included members like Demita Frazier, Beverly Smith, and Barbara Smith, all primary authors of the Combahee River Collective Statement that specified how being a Black woman and a lesbian had them facing multiple oppressions from several communities, introducing the idea of intersectionality to many white lesbians at the time, who were hopefully paying attention.

In some not so awesome news for Jackie Warner, she’s been officially charged with felony assault on a police officer, misdemeanor DUI and misdemeanor hit-and-run after an incident that happened in February.

Scissoring is always a hot topic around these parts, especially as it relates to its existence, usage and general acceptance in the Sapphic bedroom. All I can say is that it’s clearly something that some women enjoy and that others who don’t say is a “myth.” But I think what we can all agree upon is that it’s overused in “lesbian” porn and any depictions of lesbian sex created by or directed by men, which is why it can feel forced or tainted for those who don’t prefer it as a tried-and-true position. Should you feel like attempting tribadism for the first time, this article suggests you stretch properly to prepare.

Jacque Larrainzar is the first lesbian from Mexico to ever get U.S. asylum based on sexuality, and she’s working to help other LGBTQ immigrants receive the kinds of services they need in her adopted hometown of Seattle. In collaboration with Seattle Counseling Service, Larrainzar conducted a study on queer immigrants in America (one of only two that has existed thusfar) and now that data is being used to provide helpful information to LGBTQ asylum-seekers, refugees, and undocumented immigrants through Asylum Connect.

In Berea, Ky., the city council has passed an anti-discrimination ordinance in response to a local lesbian couple’s property being vandalized with anti-gay slurs. Out Berea College professor Meta Mendel-Reyes spoke with the local news about feeling worried about being targeted for her own interracial lesbian relationship after the hate crime occurred and hates that her students are also being subjected to such hateful rhetoric where they live. But this is definitely progress, as the City Council considered a similar ordinance four years ago, which failed by one vote. Times, they are a-changing.

“Chasing Amy” was surely one of the first movies I saw with a major lesbian/bisexual character, and over time, I still have conflicted feelings about its central plot twist. (I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it.) However, after Kevin Smith told Buzzfeed that he “identifies” with lesbians (“Hey, I’m as gay as you! I’m as gay as you for women. I love pussy too.”), I think I may have to give it the “ick factor” stamp and move on.

High school sweethearts Samantha Brookover and Amanda Abramovich are suing Gilmer County, West Virginia for denying them a marriage license twice—once after West Virginia passed same-sex marriage in the state and another once it was made legal by the Supreme Court decision. Both times, the same clerk told them they were “an abomination” and was supported by her superior, who promised other same-sex couples would receive the same treatment. The clerk and her superior are also named in the suit for their abhorrent behavior which they, of course, claim is legal under the guise of religious freedom.

A mother writes about her tomboy daughter for The New York Times, detailing how adults often question her gender identity. This piece will surely ruffle some feathers, but the trans-supportive author explains: “She is not gender nonconforming. She is gender role nonconforming. She does not fit into the mold that we adults — who have increasingly eschewed millenniums-old gender roles ourselves, as women work outside the home and men participate in the domestic sphere — still impose upon our children.”

Proenza Schouler employed a handful of trans models for its newest lookbook, and results are stunning. Posting in enviable androgynous looks, Stav Strashko, Torraine Futurum and Marcs Marcus make the luxury brand look better than ever.


Shannon Purser was a favorite for anyone who watched “Stranger Things” (she’s Barb!), and now she’s on the CW hit “Riverdale.” In case you aren’t following her on Twitter just yet, she published a statement there yesterday about her bisexuality.


For those who are like “What the hell is a Beronica?” it’s the ship name for Betty and Veronica on “Riverdale,” and a lot of fans are into the idea of them getting together, despite the origin story for the original “Archie” comics being the (dumb but true) fact that they were fighting over Archie. ANYWAY, we love and support you, Shannon. Your membership card is on its way. (p.s. does this mean Barb had some bi in her, too?)

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The Dish: "Stranger Things" Star Shannon Purser Comes Out, Broadway Gets "Indecent" With New Lesbian Play
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The Dish: "Stranger Things" Star Shannon Purser Comes Out, Broadway Gets "Indecent" With New Lesbian Play
Shannon Purser comes out as bisexual.
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