The Dish: Kate Nash on her Bisexuality, French Vogue Gets a Trans Cover Girl

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was watching “The Bachelor” with a bunch of (totally gay) friends last night (as you do), and we all cheered when this Zales commercial came on.

Lush has some adorable same-sex couples in their V-Day ad, too.

Some classic lesbian lit for your love?

Or for the fangirl, Sapphic Overwatch Zine might be what she never knew she always wanted.

Maybe you prefer to watch someone else’s love story.

In some more serious, heartbreaking news, two LGBTQ activists have disappeared in the Ukraine. Grey Violet and Victoria Miroshnichenko are thought to have been detained during a trip to protest in Donetsk People’s Republic, but officials are denying their detention.

Two Tennessee lawmakers are trying to make it so that same-sex couples can’t use artificial insemination to have children of their own.

Singer Kate Nash talks with PAPER about her fluid sexuality:

“I don’t feel the need to have an identity myself — I’ve always loved the gay community. I see myself as fluid, in that, I can fall in love with any human. I have fallen in love with a woman before. I have a boyfriend right now–I love him and I’m really happy with him, but it wouldn’t be weird to me if one day I was like, ‘I want to be with a woman.’ I’ve never felt like I needed this to be my identity. I think that comes from having super open, liberal parents. I know that they’ll accept me. I’ve never felt the need to talk about it because it’s always been very normal to me. I was at the airport the other day, and I was like, I should just be open about this because we’ll enter a time where all of these people will be in power and there are threats to civil rights that will take us back years. Being a true voice is really important right now, and I think it’s my only power. I want my fans to know they’re so safe with me and can be themselves. Some people don’t have a family [like mine]. I want them to know they can come to my shows and be themselves.”

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Out bisexual Judi Jackson is on the new season of “Bad Girls Club” (“Battle of the Besties”), and has a theory on why fights between women can be so intense: “A lot of BFFs end up falling for each other and having a relationship and then it goes to a whole different place. That is behind a lot of girl on girl fights.”

Over half of the young women in California juvenile justice facilities identify as LGBTQ or gender non-conforming.

The Point Foundation is giving out scholarships to LGBTQ students attending community colleges. You can apply as of March 1.

This 82-year-old bisexual woman is on Tinder and loving it.

Lesbian-run fashion brand Chromat had the most inclusive, political and bad ass show at New York Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, Prabal Gurung is appropriating the lesbian-feminist created The Future is Female shirt for some reason. (Sadly, he’s not the first.)

French Vogue has its first out transgender cover girl, Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio.

Hope you have a sweet, sweet day! And if you need a reminder of how incredible love can be, make sure to check out this year’s Couples We Love.

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