The Dish: Dee Rees is Directing a Horror Film About Black Lesbians in Rural America

Finally, Hollywood is letting things happen.

Hi there! Did you call your mom yesterday? If you didn’t, I’m sure you had damn good reason.

So I’m back from Vegas where I won $250 on the “Game of Thrones” slot machine, but promptly lost it the next day in trying to win more. Also some gross guy tried to triple kiss with my girlfriend and me, so I think I’m officially a misandrist and fine with it.

James Comey, you’ve just been fired as the Director of the FBI by the President of the United States whose election you help win by misleading the general public about his opponent—what are you gonna do now? Go see the touring production of “Fun Home” and get really emotional about it when meeting the cast backstage!


Speaking of “Fun Home,” out Broadway star Beth Malone (aka the original Alison) will be performing her show “So Far” at AquaGirl this weekend, which she says is “an autobiographical tale about what it was like for me to be a rural lesbian in the ’70s, growing up in a ranching community in Colorado, not even understanding that gay was a thing — all the horrible and embarrassing personal catastrophes you go through when you’re a kid.” Hoping there’s a happy ending here, like being nominated for a Tony.

“Master of None” star Lena Waithe says she thinks people really love her character, Denise, because, sadly, she’s an anomaly. “I don’t think people really see women that look like her on television,” Waithe said. “I also think I have a very unique way of walking through the world, a unique cadence, in terms of the way I carry myself. I think people really look at me and appreciate the character which I’m really grateful for, because you never know. … The biggest thing is that there aren’t many characters out there like myself, so I think because it’s me, it’s like a breath of fresh air, which is kind of cool.” More black studs on TV, k? Thx.

Newly appointed NYPD Seargent Ana Arboleda is out and proud, and also the vice president of the Gay Officers Action League. Strangely, the New York Daily News focused a profile about her on the strained relationship she has with her mother, who apparently does not approve of Arboleda’s sexuality or her relationship with her partner. “She pretty much told me that she didn’t accept it, that she’d rather have a prostitute as a daughter than a lesbian daughter, and pretty much kicked me out of the house,” Arboleda said. “She told me that I wouldn’t be anything but a lesbian and that nobody would ever see nothing good in me. …At this point in my life I don’t even see it as something negative. Because in a way, that’s what helped me — and helps me — to make myself better every single day.” Just in time for Mother’s Day.

Argentina has a new transgender lesbian police chief in Analia Pasantino. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, whom she credits with giving her the push to be herself. “The decisive moment came when my wife finally told me: ‘Either you step out or you’ll never leave the house looking like this again,'” Pasantino said. “I’ve put up with you for three hours getting ready and putting on makeup.'”

A horrific homophobic murder of a lesbian took place in Naledi, South Africa over the weekend. 27-year-old Lerato “Tambai” Moloi was found dead on Sunday, “with stab wounds and big stones around her head.” There’s a tragic photo of the scene at the link, which is, for some reason, being shared on Twitter. There is a suspect in custody, but this is just one of several attacks happening in the area in the last few months, so clearly, police and other government officials should be working harder to prevent these horrific incidents from happening at all. It’s sickening.

Penelope Hudson alleges that her employer for 15 years, Park Community Credit Union in Louisville, Ky., discriminated against her and ultimately fired her for being a lesbian. In the lawsuit filed by her lawyers, Hudson says she was told she was “too butch to deal with customers” and that a supervisor said she “didn’t believe in God because she is gay.” I had no idea that there was a level of butchness that was just too much for customers to handle. Is this just at credit unions?

The Public Library of Cincinnati now covers transgender employees’ gender confirmation surgeries after worker Rachel Dovel fought alongside a legal team that included the National Center for Lesbian Rights for the expansion of their LGBT healthcare coverage. They agreed on a settlement that includes not only surgery and medical care specific to trans individuals, but gender-neutral employment forms and restrooms, and staff training on LGBT inclusion. “The powers that be tend to respond to persistence, particularly now,” Dovel said. “Push for things you deserve. At times I thought I would never get healthcare.”

Same-sex marriage is now supported by 64% of Americans, which is great considering it’s the LAW, SO SORRY NOT SORRY TO THE OTHER 36%.

One queer writer details her dating experiences as a disabled person, and not disclosing the details on her Tinder account. “But luckily, queer women tend to be more accepting,” she writes. “And the older I get, the less concerned I am about my arm counting against my attractiveness. I don’t see my disability as a negative — sometimes I even see it as a positive thing. Now, in my twenties, I feel more confident than ever thanks to age, maturity, and my badass bionic arm. But it’s been a journey getting here — one that has included some not-so-great moments involving my disability and my dating life.” Queer women FTW.
So many beautiful photos of LGBTQ couples kissing can be found on Instagram to protest against the torturing of gay men in Chechnya. You can participate, too, by tagging yourself at the Kremlin in Moscow and using the hashtag #Kiss4LGBTQRIGHTS.


Out director Dee Rees is working with “Get Out” producer Jason Blum on a new horror film that will center on a black lesbian couple in rural America. Rees met Blum at a party and told him “she had her own idea for a low-budget horror movie set in one location with a tiny cast, inspired by her and her wife’s own experiences when they first moved into their new home in a small town. Rees said they felt like ‘a ghost, or maybe some other force’ didn’t want them to be there, let alone fitting in with their neighbors.” Sounds creepy AF and I can’t wait.
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