Dallas Straight Pride Couldn’t Possibly Have Been More Of A Flop

Literally two people showed up.

Yet another Straight Pride event took place in Dallas over the weekend — but this one was a laughable flop.

The march was organized by the anti-LGBTQ group Protecting Our Next Generation (PONG). In addition, the organizers of Boston’s Straight Pride, Super Happy Fun America, promised to send supporters to the event.

The Facebook event listing shows 50 attendees and over 300 interested people.

However, only two people showed up. Yes, two.

Both attendees were out-of-towners from Boston, Dallas Voice reports. One of them claimed that he’d been kicked out of his home and was fired from his job for being straight. Even the organizer of the event, Teresa Stephens Richenberger, was missing.

About 20 counterprotesters showed up at City Hall Plaza to challenge the Straight Pride march. Though they greatly outnumbered the actual marchers, one Straight Pride attendee still managed to lob insults at trans counterprotesters, yelling: “We know there are only two genders.”

Straight Pride has been linked to far-right organizations and white supremacist organizations. Organizers claimed that “thousands” would attend this march and that they would discuss marriage, gender identity, abortion, and other topics.

The organizers reportedly scaled back Saturday’s march because of the fees for the necessary permits and security. Richenberger claimed that “at the last minute the city of Dallas price gouged us and asked for enormous amounts of money.”

However, the city of Dallas charges the same fees (about $12,000) regardless of the event. A recent trans rally was canceled because they couldn’t afford the fees.

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