Comic Relief

The market is tanking, it costs fifty bucks to fill up your Prius and cable-news pundits discuss field-dressing moose like it’s a viable political skill. We need a break! “Just what Do we have to laugh about these days?” Ask the pros!


“Obama t-shirts are out of control. There’s one that said “Obama baby mama.” And a guy was wearing it! His friend was wearing “A la cama con Obama” (Obama in my bed)! I like the one that says, “Want more pain? Vote McCain!” I just read that reggaeton rapper Daddy Yankee, made famous by that catchy tune “Gasolina,” endorsed McCain. What an idiot. I think it’s because he doesn’t speak English. He won’t be liking those ‘gasolina’ high prices!”

People are crazy! The airlines may start charging a fee for body weight. Do you get a rebate if you’re anorexic? Does that mean the Olsen twins fly 2-for-1?”

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