Captivating Couples 2013

They hail from all over the nation, falling head over heels for one another in many different ways. But one thing ties all of these adorable twosomes together—love.

San Diego, CA
Kim, 36, marketing manager of the Diversionary Theatre, art director for FilmOut San Diego and co-owner of Pink Egg Media
Ana, 34, writer/photographer for LGBT Weekly, producer and co-programmer for FilmOut San Diego and co-owner of Pink Egg Media
When Kim and Ana both signed up for PlanetOut about a decade ago, they did so with the intention of meeting new friends. Neither woman expected to fall in love, but as they got to know one another, their connection was undeniable. When they finally met in person around Christmastime 2003, Kim says, it was one of the best gifts we woud ever received-each other. After winning an Olivia cruise in 2008, Kim and Ana decided it was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. A mass ceremony was being performed prior to the departure and the two women took it as a sign. They were married at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, with two of their friends as witnesses. Kim says, The wedding was perfectly us; spontaneous, fun and full of love. Even after 10 years as a couple-and many hours spent working together on media projects-Kim still get[s] warmth in my heart and butterflies in my stomach when she walks into a room. Ana says that Kim keeps her laughing and that she has an innocence that makes me fall in love with her over and over again.

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